[IRP] Internet rights on the UN UPR agenda

Henrik Almström APC henrik
Mon Dec 12 11:07:01 EET 2011

Hi everyone,

APC has recently submitted reports to the UN Universal Periodic Review
(UPR) on the state of internet rights in Brazil, Ecuador, India, South
Africa and the Philippines. It is, as far as we know, the first time,
internet rights issues have been brought up in the UPR. We encourage others
to do the same when their states are up for review, PRESS RELEASE

Up until the review of the five states in late May, APC will facilitate
campaign and advocacy activities in each of the countries.

So far we've seen that Article 19 has submitted on internet related issues
in the UK and in Brazil, it would be interesting to hear if people know of
other UPR submissions bringing up internet rights issues.

Kind regards

Henrik Almstr?m
Association for Progressive Communications, APC
Johannesburg, South Africa
skype: henrikalmstrom
henrik at apc.org
mobile: +27 72 311 9613
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