[IRP] A Christmas Message from the Co-Chairs

Matthias C. Kettemann matthias.kettemann
Wed Dec 21 07:12:35 EET 2011

Dear IRPers,

as 2011 is drawing to a close, we'd like to touch base with you a final 
time this year.

It has been an exciting year for Internet Governance, and a successful 
one for the IRP.

We have launched the 10 IRPs (_http://goo.gl/fzprK_) and had them 
translated by volunteers into more than 20 languages. We have developed 
the Beta Version of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the 
Internet (http://irpcharter.org/) ? a more refined version of original 
Charter taking into account extensive consultation and debate both 
within and outside of the Coalition. We have created a ?Commentary on 
the Charter? which defines how existing International law applies to 
human rights on the Internet 
(http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/419). We have a new website 
<http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/>), are active on Facebook, 
Twitter, FlickR and YouTube and - finally - we have a new co-Chair in 
Matthias (_http://goo.gl/pSJmj_).

In late November, three members of the IRP (Dixie, Wolfgang and Johan) 
appeared on a panel at a Vienna conference on the Council of Europe 
Internet Governance Strategy 2012-2015 to discuss what is needed to 
enable and empower citizens on the internet. The Council of Europe is 
interested in collaborating with us on an initiative in this area in the 
new year. We will keep everyone updated and we will look into forming a 
smaller group of volunteer to work on this, early next year.

In related rights-specific news, the Internet&Society Collaboratory will 
dedicate its 5th initiative to human rights on the Internet ( 
http://en.collaboratory.de/initiatives/05/application). Our co-chair, 
Matthias, will be thematic lead for the initiative and ensure that we'll 
be kept in the loop and that our work - especially the 10 IRPs - will be 

A final administrative thought for the year we'd ask you to reflect on: 
Since we have such a wonderful site, it would be great to have it see 
more traffic. Therefore we would like to add a blog to it which could be 
filled by members on a regular basis. This could ensure that IRP 
strengthens its profile as an important knowledge base of Internet 
rights and principles, their challenges and their implementation.  Would 
you like to write about the challenges that Internet Governance is 
facing in 2012 perhaps?

Over 2012 we have seen the threats against human rights on the Internet 
grow. This should remind us of the importance of an open network to help 
promote positive agendas. At the same time a number of declarations of 
principles have underlined the central importance of human rights. 2012 
should see us enter into an implementation phase. Though the time talk 
is never over, the time to act has now begun.

A very big thank you to everyone for being engaged to whatever extent 
with the IRP over the last year. We hope to achieve even more in 2012.

Wishing you all happy holidays!

Your IRP co-chairs
Dixie and Matthias

Matthias C. Kettemann, Mag. iur. (Graz), LL.M. (Harvard)
Co-Chair | Internet Rights and Principles Coalition 

/++ Check out our 10 Internet Rights and Principles  - in 20 languages | 
http://goo.gl/fzprK/ /++/

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University of Graz
Universit?tsstra?e 15/A4, 8010 Graz, Austria
T | +43 316 380 6711 (office)
M | +43 676 701 7175 (mobile)
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E | matthias.kettemann at uni-graz.at <mailto:matthias.kettemann at uni-graz.at>
Blog | internationallawandtheinternet.blogspot.com

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