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We received this from a respected politician that my colleagues know in Bahrain.  Manipulation of the media and Internet communication are amongst other human rights abuses being reported.  If you can do anything to raise awareness, please do.

For updates see also: http://globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/middle-east-north-africa/bahrain/

All the best,


I would like to thank you in advance for any efforts that you could contribution to stop the escalation of human rights violations that could lead to atrocities that the Bahraini people are facing on the hands of army and security forces supported by GCC troops and regimes aiming to stop any reform in the gulf region.

And therefore, allow me to bring to your attention an update on the situation that is happening in my country as I am writing this email. No one is safe from the protestors, including us, resigned MPs and possibilities of arresting us is very high.
A peaceful youth march took to the Bahraini streets as of Feb 14th 2011, and the security forces killed one youth on the same day, followed by another killing on the second day during the funeral procession of the first martyr. As a result thousands of Bahraini participated in the march and some times the protest reached more than 200,000 citizens out of total population of 560,000. The world has witnessed how peaceful those marches were. However, 7 martyre have fall dead because of security crackdown.
The authorities was forced to announce dialogue, and the people asked for a real dialogue platform where the authorities was refusing to commit to any principles or guarantees for more than one, and once our crown prince announced acceptance of   seven principles for the dialogue , and the opposition welcomed that announcement, the National safety Status- lower in severity than marshal law- was declared?
And as of 15th March 2011, when King Hamad issued a decree no. (18) of 2011- (which has not been yet published in the Gazette in violation to regulations) to announce the national safety status  after Aljazerra Shield (GCC) forces entered Bahrain, and the atrocities and sever violations to basic and universal rights of Bahrainis were systematically convicted by these forces, the following actions have taken place:

1-     Intentional killing of peaceful protestors, and normal citizens stopped at check points, at least 13 has been killed since 15th March by direct bullets of different kinds or by brutal beating at check points or in jails.

2-     Disappearance of citizens for already ten days without their families knowing their whereabouts and they don?t get any response from police or security stations, the total recorded missing has reached around 180, and now it has been reported that more than 30 citizen are still missing after some being identified as in detention.

3-     Use of massive force against peaceful gathering, residential areas, and even sometimes without any reason.

4-     Militarization of the country while the National Safety status is not Martial law status, where all articles of the constitution and the laws are applicable and not in freeze. However, what being practiced at the ground is Marshall law status as no respect to HR nor applicable laws.

5-     Attacks on medical services and arrests of six doctors (Ali Alekri, Bassim Dhaif, Ghassan Daif, Mahmood Asghar, Nader Diwani, A.Khaliq Oraibi) and other medical and emergency staff.

6-     Attacks on several medical centers and militarizing the only civilian hospital in Bahrain, Salmaniya medical Centre, and denial of necessary emergency services reach to wounded persons who are attacked by security and military personnel, and attack and arrests of wounded persons who were in the hospital.

7-     Prevention of medical services to those attacked or even normal persons from getting treatment resulted in people getting improper treatment at home without prepared nor healthy equipment's or medical staff which endangering the lives of the people ?one wounded person died as a result, and another died as a result of fear of going to the hospital  and he was required some medical assistance for his heart disease. Foreign media and int.  Journalists and HR NGOs said that they have never seen such practices even in worst wars.

8-   Targeting and discrimination of people at check points and asking them about their sect or area of residence and if they are believed to be shia , at least they will be insulted, if not searched, confiscation of their notebooks and phones specially iPhone and BP, and stealing their money, and unlikely if they don?t get some sort of beating if not arrested.

9-     Collective punishment through intimiation of women as per illegal detention and ill-treatment at checkpoints at work or in their homes when they go to arrest anyone from their families.

10-  Destruction of houses and households while searching the houses of those targeted to arrests.

11-  Stealing people money at the check points or while searching the houses for those who were targeted for arrests.

12-  Systematic destruction and damages of the cars around the Pearl roundabout and in the residential areas they attack.

13-  Arbitrary arrests of more than 340 persons, without their families knowing their whereabouts, no lawyers allowed to see them, except few called their families for less than a minute each to just say hello we are fine, this known to happened for key figures only (doctors and politicians).

14-  Arrests of people and interrogation fall short of adherence to the applicable laws, and military persecutor are handling the interrogation, in a violation to article 105/b  {Article 105  [Courts]
b. The jurisdiction of military courts shall be confined to military offences committed by members of the Defence Force, the National Guard, and the Security Forces. It does not extend to other persons except when martial law is declared and within the bounds prescribed by law.}

15-  Impeding travel (x-MP Matar Matar and Deputy SG of Al Wefaq Sh. Hussain AL Daihi), and possibly others, in violation of the constitution.

16-  Unfair dismissal of teachers, workers at big semi-governmental companies (Alba, Babco, Batelco, Bas, etc), other government staff, university  of Bahrain, medical staff, and university of Bahrain faculty and administration staff and students, around 1200 have been sacked and more are threaten to be sacked in the coming days.

17-  Revoke of lots of scholarships and sponsorships for those suspected of participating in protests, the lists are growing now, no precise number as it is happening daily, we officially registered 67 case.

18-  People cannot reach out police stations nor persecutor offices, to fire any case against all atrocities happening to them as the whole security system is targeting them if they are shia.

19-  Attacks on several shia worshiping places, in Noaim, Hamad Town, Manama, and Tobli.

20-  Full media control and directing to attack protestors and opposition and building hatred against shia. Threats to the only neutral newspaper Alwasat which has been band from publishing  until they have sacked their chief editor, and the arrests and threats to bloggers (Alyousif and Almaskati), and blockage of several websites.
All of these are happing in the eyes of the international community without clear condemnation, while less sever situations get louder and more affirmed condemnation, as if the Bahrainis are not human beings that shall have their universal rights protected, or their regime is something that cannot be touched or questioned?
The Bahraini people appreciated the international community support to practice their universal rights and call for genuine reform demands since the start of 14th Feb movement.  However, Bahrainis were very surprised that after Jazzera Shiled entered Bahrain, and all the atrocities happened since after has received no attention, and kept asking where is the international community?
While the Bahraini people are grateful to those stood to their principles and supported their just cause, they are asking those who raise the slogans of democracy and human rights sponsors and advocates aren?t Bahrainis deserve your attention?
The Bahraini people are asking the international community, have you sold the Bahrainis to get the support of GCC to deal with Libya cause, and why should you sell us cheap. You could have dealt with Libya dictator and help Libyans liberate from their dictators but not on our blood and universal rights?
The Bahraini people are confident that what is happening to them cannot get alone without a green light from the international community, thinking that if the authorities here with the GCC support manage to crack down the peaceful movement with their tanks and atrocities, and silence the people, then let them have this chance, international community might have said, and if they couldn?t , we will see how to deal with it later on, or check if it is going to be in our priority list to consider next.
The Bahraini people will never succumb nor retreat from continuing their genuine demand for their universal rights, despite whether the international community stood for its claimed principles and responsibilities, and will continue its struggle for freedom and dignity even if left alone. The Bahrain people will win, their just battle at the end, and those who did not bear their human responsibilities shall question their principles.
I hereby seek your assistance with UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon to send an immediate mission to investigate the escalating violence and widespread human rights violations as well as international control of the current state of emergency, all to prevent atrocities to be committed in the context of a legitimate and peaceful movement to seek  democracy and HR respect.
Your sincerely,
Khalil Almarzooq
Former PGA board member
Resign first deputy speaker
Representative council
Kingdom of Bahrain

Reference to the Bahraini constitution for the National safety and the use of Military Trials and courts:
Article (105)
A.   The law will organize courts of various types and grades and lay down
their functions and jurisdiction.
B.   The jurisdiction of Military Courts will be restricted to those offences, which are committed by members of the defense Force, the National Guard and Public Security. It will not extend to others except when Martial Law is declared and that too within the limits as lay down by law.
Article (36)
A.   An aggressive war is forbidden. A defensive war will be declared by a Decree and it will be placed before the National Council immediately after its announcement for a decision on its conduct.
B.   A State of National Security or Martial Law will not be declared except by a Decree. Under all circumstances such a declaration shall not exceed a period of three months. It will not be extended except with the approval the National Council by a majority of the Members present.
Explanatory Note on: Article (36):

 Whereas the legal principle states that necessity makes the forbidden lawful, and the safety of the State is above law, and keeping in view the possible exposure of the Kingdom to emergency situations threatening the safety of the country externally such as war and internally as civil disturbances, floods, epidemics and the like, it was necessary to equip the authorities of the State with exceptional means which could guarantee the protection of the State and its safety under these circumstances.

Since these situations vary in their grades from weak to strong and the extent of their seriousness varies, one has to be careful in not trampling upon the rights and liberties of the people except to the bare minimum extent needed for coping with the situation. A1iicle (36) of the Constitution has differentiated between two types of situation, viz., State of National Security and the State of Martial Law. The means employed by the State it! the two situations are different.

A State of National Security is declared for gaining control over a situation obtaining in the country when it threatens public security either in all parts of the Kingdom or in any part of it, in a manner, which is appropriate to securing for the people their rights and gaining control over the situation expeditiously. Martial Law will not be declared except when the security and safety of the Kingdom are threatened; or when the normal laws are inadequate to cope with the situation; or when the Declaration of State of National Security does not serve the purpose; and the situation demands the adoption of exceptional and extraordinary measures for curbing intrigue and armed insurgency and impose security for the safety of the Kingdom and the Bahrain Defence Force.

Based on this differentiation, the necessary procedures for regaining control over the situation in the case of declaration of State of National Security are less stringent and suppressive of people's rights and liberties than those, which are enforced on the Declaration of Martial Law.

Article (36) (b) stipulates that a 'State of National Security or Martial Law will not be declared except by a Decree. Under all circumstances the declaration shall not extend for more than three months. It will not be extended except with the approval of the National Council by a majority of those present.'

Under the circumstances, it does not prevent the King from seeking the opinion of the Council of Deputies or the Advisory Councilor both, over declaring a State of National Security or Martial Law in advance if the situation permitted. It is a matter left to the discretion of the King without making it obligatory for him.

By virtue of this text, the Declaration of State of National Security or Martial Law may cover all parts of the State or a part of it. The King may, while making the declarations through a Royal Decree, issue instructions, which may be considered necessary for the Defence of the Kingdom even if they violated the laws currently in operation.

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