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Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Tue Apr 5 20:02:15 EEST 2011

Hi all,

I mentioned a while ago that I am organising a side event at Eurodig to look at the Charter Version 1.1. I have an idea, which is that I would really love to edit together a short film (around 5 minutes max) of different Coalition members giving their thoughts about the Charter (e.g. why they got involved in the initiative? What are their hopes for the charter? Why is it important to promote human rights on the Internet? What are the biggest threats? etc.). This would be an introduction to the Charter for Eurodig (and other similar events) and could also go on our website.

Before I get excited and start planning how to make this work: can I just have a quick "virtual" show of hands? If you think you might be willing to film yourself making a few comments about the Charter please let me know! You don't need any fancy equipment, just a basic webcam or mobile phone camera will do the trick.

Also, if anyone is attending any of the other regional IGFs please do consider running a side event there. It needn't involve a great deal of work (I'm happy to share the prep that I am doing for Eurodig) and is a great way of building up an international movement around promoting human rights on and through the Internet.
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