[IRP] Reminder: Conference call in just under an hour!

Lisa Horner LisaH
Fri Nov 5 13:09:07 EET 2010

Hi all

Just a quick reminder that the conference call is starting at 12.00 GMT - in 50 minutes time.  Our clocks went back by an hour this week, so I hope everyone's got the right time!

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.  Instructions for joining below.


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Hi all

Thanks to everyone who answered the doodle poll.  The most popular time was 12.00 UK time this Friday 5th November.  I'm really sorry that this doesn't suit Shaila and Rafik.  Is there any way at all you can make it?  We'll be sure to send the outcomes of the call to the list and can still discuss before we finalise the plans.

To re-cap - the purpose of the call is to define our process for finalizing 1.1, rather than discussing substance of the Charter itself.  We can raise concerns, but won't necessarily be answering the questions related to content and substance.

On the last Charter call we had, some people weren't able to access the call as we had a limit of 10 on the system that we were using.  That was a free trial of hi-def conferencing.  So I've been trying to find a similar, low cost solution that allows people to join for free via Skype or to phone in via local rate numbers.  It seems that Hi-def is the only one!  We've used Skype in the past but it's not ideal because the convener has to call out rather than people being able to call in, and people can't call in by phone.

However, I did find a web-conferencing platform, Calliflower.  Has anyone used that before?  I've signed up for a free trial of the premium version, and would like to try it out for this call of that's ok (if it works and we like it, I may be able to persuade my organization to pay for it on an ongoing basis...or we could just use the free version if we're happy to only use skype). The system supports 20 people via skype and 70 via phone.  The premium version has quite a lot of local rate numbers for call in - a more extensive list of places included than I've seen anywhere else.  There aren't local numbers for everywhere, but they say that they should be able to get them on request if yours isn't listed.  The system will also allow us to look at documents whilst we're on the call as well as text chat...so could be useful for our Charter discussions.  And we can record the calls so that people can listen afterwards

 It's a teeny bit more complicated than the hidef system.  I hope you're happy to try it?

What you need to do:

-          In advance of the call, click on this link: http://bit.ly/acrNYU

-          Enter your name and email, and click register.

-          You'll then be registered to join the call, and will be given a unique pin number.  You'll also get an email with a link to join the call and your pin number.

-          At the time of the call, go to the same link/click on the link in the email.  This should take you direct to your own page or "dashboard".

-          To join via skype, click on "use skype for free" in the right hand panel on the screen.  Make sure skype is open before you do that.  You'll be asked to enter your pin, which you can do using your computer keyboard.

-          To phone in, click on "local call in numbers" to see if your country/town is listed.  Phone in and enter your pin.

Please set it all up in enough time in advance of the call so that we can still start on time....we have a lot to get through.

If you don't want to enter your email address, you can still use the system, but only by phone and not Skype.  You also won't be able to see the conference call dashboard with the docs and chat.  Let me know if you want to do that.

I hope that all makes sense!  Sorry if it's a bit complicated, but hopefully it'll be a good system and will allow everyone who wants to to participate in our conversations.  If anyone knows of other good systems that support Skype, please let us know!

Looking forward to speaking on Friday!

All the best,

Lisa Horner
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