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Hi all

Thanks to those who joined for a productive call.  I've pasted some minutes below.  As always, if you have anything to add or change please do.

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IRP Coalition Monthly Meeting Notes: 4th March 2010

Participants: Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza; Chad Lubelsky; Lee Hibbard; Max Senges; Sivasubramanian Muthusamy; Dixie Hawtin; Lisa Horner.

1)      Update from Geneva Open Consultations

Lisa attended the consultations and provided a brief update on the call:

*         The statement that we submitted is reflected in the synthesis paper.

*         There was some support for incorporating human rights into the main agenda from a number of participants, but this hasn't happened.  A Development Agenda for IG has been put forward by the MAG as a main session theme, and there could be scope for incorporating human rights concerns into that.

*         A discussion of the role of the dynamic coalitions was on the agenda, but wasn't really discussed...Nitin commented that no one was interested.  The main thrust of the comments seemed to be that the coalitions aren't doing enough to feed information back about their activities to the secretariat.  I don't think it was levelled at us as we've been quite good with our reporting!

*         We discussed on the call whether we should make specific recommendations to the secretariat about what exactly we'd like the role of the coalitions to be in the IGF, and what support we need from them.
Action Point: Max has already done some thinking/had some conversations about this, and will put some points down to share with the list.

*         DEADLINES:

o   We have to submit a report on our activities to the secretariat by 30TH MARCH. As we've already submitted a report on our Sharm meeting, I don't think this needs to be long.  Just an update on the elections for steering committee, charter process and regional outreach.
Action Point: We need to write the report. ANY VOLUNTEERS TO PUT SHORT SUMMARY TOGTHER?

o   Proposals for workshops have to be submitted by 15TH APRIL.

o   We discussed on the call about submitting a proposal on users' rights (as previously suggested by Robert).  The Spanish presidency of the EU's Granada Strategy proposes work on a users rights charter, and so we will try to engage with that.
Action Point: Lisa will follow up on this with Lee.

o   We also discussed possibilities for submitting a proposal on intermediary liability from a human rights perspective.  Lisa, Lee, Chad and Max expressed interest in that.
Action Point: We will follow up internally, and discuss possibilities of working together.

2)      Update on regional initiatives, and opportunities for outreach

a.       Update on Brazil Bill of Rights process and outreach opps.

b.      Update on Eurodig process

*         We discussed options for enhancing participation, inclusiveness and regional diversity of the coalition through outreach.  There was general agreement that it was perhaps too early to talk about creating regional "hubs", but that we should be doing regional outreach.  Working with the Diplo Foundation, and holding IRP events at regional IGFs are options.  We should also be reaching out about the Charter at regional/country events.
Action Point: Carlos has agreed to take this forward in Latin America.  Chad will look into contacts/opportunities for working with the West and East African IGFs.  If people on the list have any other regional contacts/involvement, please share!

*         Lee provided an update on the Eurodig process.  The agenda is now coming together, and there are a number of sessions which present good opportunities for discussing human rights issues.  It's an open process, so if people are interested in getting involved in shaping specific sessions they can contact Lee.  The website is here: http://www.eurodig.org/

*         We agreed that it would be a good idea to pull out the main points from discussions about human rights at each of the regional events, and compile them into a summary to present in Lithuania.
Action Point: We'll need people attending each of the events to act as rapporteurs, to then feed back so that we can compile a report.  Volunteers please!

3)      Charter Process

*         The expert group now has participation from experts in South Africa (Andrew Rens), Argentina (Roberto Saba) and China (Wang Sixin), as well as Meryem, Rikke and Wolfgang.

*         They are starting their work, and will feed back to Lisa on progress soon ( 22nd March, tbc).

*         The meeting between the coalition and the experts has been confirmed for SUNDAY 9TH MAY in Geneva, the day before the IGF open consultations.
Action Point: Put the 9th May in our diaries!

4)      Potential for involvement in ICANN registrants rights charter

*         We've been approached by members of alac and ncsg to get involved in this process.

*         Max provided a brief background on the conversations that were had on the subject at the ICANN meeting in Mexico.  We haven't done any work on it since then.

*         We need to assess exactly what the process is and how we can be involved.
Action Point: Could those moving in ICANN circles let us know what is happening, and how people should contribute.  We probably need a focal point in the IRP to lead on this - any volunteers? Rudi and Rafik have expressed interest....

5)      Workplan, including call for volunteers to maintain/develop website.

*         We briefly discussed whether we should move our drupal website to another platform to make it easier to maintain.  Max suggested using the google platform, and sent round an idea of what it would look like.

*         We agreed that interested parties should discuss this separately.
Action point: Max, Robert and Lisa to discuss.  If anyone else is interested in participating, let us know!

6)      AOB: Google, Italy and criminal liability for content

*         Max raised the Google Italy case as a huge concern, saying that such liability would cripple expression online.

*         We discussed whether the coalition could issue a statement on intermediary liability.  It was mentioned that authoring such statements can be a useful process in itself.  We agreed we would take this forward.
Action Point: Max to draft a statement to post to the list.

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