[IRP] Some principles for open video

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
Thu Mar 4 19:08:02 EET 2010

Very cool coalition advocating for an open video ecosystem. Thanks for posting Max. 

Principles can be easily consolidated into IRP, there is some serious crossover potential:

1. Authorship and Viewing ? Video creation, editing, and playback tools should be ubiquitous, easy to use, accessible, and available in free and open source implementations
2. Open Standards for Video ? Video standards (formats, codecs, metadata, etc.) should be open, interoperable, and royalty free
3. Open Distribution ? Software platforms should support open standards and open licenses. Networks must remain neutral.
4. A Rich, Participatory Culture ? Laws governing intellectual property must not discourage participatory culture. By default, video content must be available without technological barriers or access constraints.
5. Civil Liberties and Basic Rights

I also like the breadth of issues they take on:

Art & Remix Culture-Fair Use

Activism & Human Rights

Commons & Licensing

Device Freedom

Digital Divide

Education and video

HTML5 & Standards

Media Consolidation

Net Neutrality

Privacy & Censorship

Universal Accessibility

from http://openvideoalliance.org/


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Hi IRPlers

I thought these Principles seem interesting:

If I am not mistaken, Lessig is part of this.


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