[IRP] IRP Statement to Open Consultation for IGF 2010 [v2]

M I Franklin cos02mf
Fri Jan 15 17:22:27 EET 2010

Dear All

I agree with the need to keep the statement brief but also to take on board 
these sorts of specific suggestions for subsequent discussions. Also, why 
not ttry out some of these other formats for remote participation perhaps 
in individual workshops?

With this in mind, the version you all now have is ready to be sent; 
proof-read and tweaked for greater 'elegance' here and there.

FYI, I will be sending the final version on to the IGF and cc us all in so 
everyone has the same document. I will do this in about two hours time i.e. 
17.00 GMT if that is Ok.

So it would be good to be have more endorsements from the floor, for the 

Thanks everyone so far

--On 15 January 2010 08:43 -0430 Ginger Paque <gpaque at gmail.com> wrote:

> I agree with Lisa. These are good comments about Remote Participation,
> which should be taken into consideration. I will pass them on to the
> Remote Participation Working Group. However, I think that they are too
> specific for the statement.
> Best, Ginger
> Lisa Horner wrote:
> Thanks for this Marianne.  I think it's really good and I endorse it.
> RE the recent comments about remote participation, I think it's a bit
> late to include recommendations on the specific platforms and mechanisms
> that should be used in this statement. I agree that they're quite
> complex at the moment, and that this has hampered remote participation
> in the workshops.  I think this comes across in the statement.  I'd
> suggest leaving it is at the moment, and then continuing the discussion
> about specific platforms and tools with the remote participation DC and
> directly ourselves in the open consultations.
> All the best,
> Lisa
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> Dear all
> In order to allow time for any last input, see below; new order of
> appearance, some rephrasing, and a couple of additional comments (See
> 1c; .
> 2 e)
> Last round for comments (inclusions)!
> yours
> MF
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