[IRP] IRP Statement to Open Consultation for IGF 2010

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I agree that we need to take care not to imply that we don?t think that issues of openness and diversity are important, but rather that we need to drill down more deeply to address specific issues within them, preferably using human rights framing.  We could maybe do this by bringing 1d and 1e together, and changing the beginning of the sentence for 1e to something like, ?Whilst openness and diversity are important issues, we think this year is the moment to broach more specific questions or policy dilemmas within these broad themes?.


Marianne, in response to your earlier question, I think we have until the end of tomorrow to send it, but I don?t think it matters which time zone we take that to mean!  Let?s go for the US to give us more time!  We send it to igf at unog.ch.






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Hello All,


just few comments about

point 1.d I think that is more matter of time limitation for each panelist, we tried this approach at youth workshop and we left long time for participants to interact with panelists. my fear that limiting the number of panelists will impact people from developing countries and not the "vip" (it should be limitation for panelists to participate in many workshops)

point 2.a I am not sure that DIY term (do it yourself) is know as term by everybody :)  

do you want to drop topics like "openness and diversity"?? I don't agree so much with this approach.  






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