[IRP] WARNING! Last chance to contribute to the Charter! (& Meeting minutes)

Max Senges maxsenges
Thu Jan 7 20:17:27 EET 2010

Hi everybody

I tried to take minutes - as always hard job on a conference call :-)
anyways thanks for the productive meeting

Participants: Robert Guerra, Lisa Horner, Max Senges, Lee Hibbart, Marianne
Franklin, Robert Bodle, Carlos Affonso, Anja Kovaks, Shaila Mitry

we want to submit a IRP statement on the IGF process (open consultations) by
the 15th -- Marianne will send a message requesting comments from all of

- Max checks whether the Charter on Free Culture developed by the Free
Culture Forum want to join our charter and report back

- There will be an IGF Germany and IRP has been suggested as one of the

- we are looking to have some of the experts at the eurodig / IGF
prep-meeting to explain the consolidated charter and discuss with the
coalition; the decision is to be made on the list

- new steering committee and election of new chair: max will ask the
remaining steering committee members (who have not yet done so) to either
nominate someone or endorse Lisa as new chair.

- we want to have steering committee members (and possibly others) to agree
to take up roles/responsibilities for the forthcoming year

- PLEASE contribute to the charter!!! here is the latest charter version:

mapping work in 2010
- please contribute events to robert brodle so he can put them on the
facebook event calendar
- Max volunteered to organize some kind of campaigning once we have the
consolidated charter
Freedom House is organizing: Feb 2010 Human Rights Summit

ok sorry that the conferencing broke down completely at the end

all the best


"The future is here. It?s just not widely distributed yet."
?William Gibson


Max Senges


Mobile: 01622122755
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