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Max Senges maxsenges
Sun Nov 15 15:45:12 EET 2009

Dear IRPlers

We had a really productive meeting (even though it was in the hallway:-)

Here is what I understand to be the results:

*Charter *
We need an expert committee to produce a concise version of the charter that
ensures that the text is inline with existing Human Rights documents, and
serves to promote sound Human Rights based policies for internet governance

A first shortlist of people we have talked to and hope will join the
committee are:
- Wolfgang Benedek
- Meryem Marzouki
- Rikke Frank Joergensen

The expert committee should be around 7 people, and we must do our best to
reach a balance in terms of gender and region. Please reach out to human
rights experts who would make good candidates!

So, we should use the IGF09 to bring the charter project up and solicit
input from all stakeholders. In our IRP workshop on Wednesday 8:00am we can
discuss this approach and (hopefully) agree on next steps (how long to keep
the drafting open, and when to start the expert consolidation, as well as
how to proceed when we have the resulting concise text)

*About the Election of the IRP Steering Committee
*- we want to have a truly multistakeholder committee and hence have 3
committee members from each stakeholder group (private sector, governmental
institutions, civil society, academia).

- Rudi promised to send a concrete proposal for the voting process
- Once we agree we need to update the charter

Let me just say that i am really happy that it seems that we have found a
feasible way forward on both key initiatives!

You are of course all invited to discuss and make suggestions on these
important issues for the IRP and I especially encourage you to:
- ask good human rights experts to participate in the charter consolidation
- reach out to governmental and business reps to join the coalition and to
serve on the steering committee

Looking forward move things forward
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