[IRP] Co-Author List and Endorsement of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles

Max Senges maxsenges
Wed Nov 11 16:30:08 EET 2009

Hi everybody & esp. co-authors

I just posted a google form that allows people to endorse the process of
creating the charter of human rights and principles on the internet.


Author List and Endorsement of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles

The following have co-authored the 0.8 IGF (draft) version of the Charter of
Human Rights and Principles on the Internet:

Lisa Horner - Global Partners (UK)
Max Senges - Google Inc (Germany)
Robert Brodle - College of Mount St. Joseph (USA)
Anriette Esterhuysen - APC (South Africa)
Jac sm Kee - APC (Malaysia)
Marianne Franklin - Goldsmiths University of London (UK)
Bertrand de La Chapelle - French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Wolfgang Benedek - Graz University (Austria)
Lea Shaver - Yale University (USA)
Lauren Movius - USC Annenberg School for Communication (USA)
Rebecca MacKinnon - Berkman Center & University of Hong Kong (China)
Shaila Mistry - Jayco Interface Technology, Inc. (USA)
Anja Kovacs - Centre for Internet and Society (India)
Emily Laidlaw - London School of Economics (UK)
Olivier MJ Cr?pin-Leblond - ISOC England (UK)
Sylvia Caras - APC (USA)
Loreto Corredoira, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain)
Jan Schallab?ck - Data Protection Authority, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Jaco Aizenman - Financial Asset Registry (Costa Rica)
Fouad Bajwa - Diplo Foundation (Pakistan)
Robert Guerra - Freedom House (USA)
Ian Peter - Internet Governance Caucus (Australia)

The Charter can be found @
Section I
Section II

The Charter will continue to evolve. Hence for the moment we ecourage you to
endorse the charter process. At a later stage we will contact you to
consider signing the first 1.0 version of the charter.

 I herewith edorse the process to develop a Charter of Human Rights and
Principles on the Internet

 First Name and Last Name * Please consider to include your title

 Position / Role

 Organisation Please give your institutional affiliation.

 Please indicate whether you sign in the name of your organisation *

   - yes i sign for my organisation
   - no, I do not sign in the name of my organisation, but as one individual
   from that organisation
   - I sign as private person


here again the updated IGF 09 schedule with the dates recommended by our


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