[IRP] ACTA and internet "freedom"

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Mon Nov 9 14:49:11 EET 2009

Hello, my name is Daniel Risberg and I represent the Julia Group [SWE] (
http://juliagruppen.se/lang/en ), which is a non-profit organisation working
for a free and open internet. Besides me the Julia Group is also represented
on this list by Marcin de Kaminski.

One of our main issues at the moment is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
Agreement (ACTA) and the lack of transparency in this political process.
According to Knowledge Ecology International -
http://www.keionline.org/node/660 both content providers (private
stakeholders) as well as "supporters of internet 'freedom'" (
http://werebuild.eu/wiki/index.php/Leaked_ACTA_Document ) have signed a
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be able to see the U.S. proposed Internet
text for ACTA.

My questions are thus:

Who are the "supporters of internet 'freedom'" in this context? In other
words, who are our (The Julia Group) allies in this process?


How can the Julia Group get access to these non-disclosed documents? Do we
have to contact the USTR or can we turn to the Swedish Ministry of
Enterprise, Energy and Communications?

We have currently got connections within our government as well as other
agencies. Last month the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications
invited the Julia Group (as the only "internet positive" NGO) to talk about
the concept of openness during a government hearing related to ICT,
competition and innovation. We have also taken an active part in the
discussions concerning the Telecoms package of the European Union.

Any suggestions or leads on how the Julia Group can influence this process
would be much appreciated.


Daniel Risberg
The Julia Group

/Daniel Risberg
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