[IRP] 09 elections of IRP steering committee and chair

Max Senges maxsenges
Sun Nov 8 19:39:28 EET 2009

Hello fellow IRPlers

As I have raised several times now, our Charter states that we shall elect a
new chair and steering committee every IGF, and I would like to start the
deliberations about the how / when and who.

My suggestion would be that we use the time before and during the IGF to
identify good candidates and then hold the elections right after. Ideally we
would have had a elections just before and a hand-over during the IGF and I
apologize for not organizing affairs in that way. Anyway, I think the above
process can work really well.

First of all I want to thank everybody who participated in the steering
committee so far. It has been a pleasure working with you and I would
recommend all of you as members of the new steering group. So I suggest we
consider everybody who is currently on the steering committee as a nominee
for next year (I will check in with you individually whether you are still
available for the role).

To kick things off, I looked through our archives and would like to nominate
some colleagues who don't have a formal role now, but have contributed
substantially to the success of our coalition:

Lisa Horner
Robert Brodle
Matthias Ketteman
Marianne Franklin
Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond
Anja Kovacs (in her new role at CIS)

This list is really just meant to get us started, please nominate people you
think would be good custodians and drivers of our coalition.

As for me, I will happily keep working in the coalition's steering
committee, should I receive sufficient support.

Looking forward to seeing this election unfold
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