[IRP] Outbreak of Net Censorship in Australia

Phillip Roberts phillipcrob
Wed Mar 25 11:42:11 EET 2009

Dear all,

By now many of you will have heard that we have a major controversy
in Australia in relation to Internet censorship.

I've been preoccupied with work matters for the last few months, but I've
just taken
an hour or so to surf around and find some links to update you about this.

Here's a short video featuring a representative from Electronic Frontiers
talking about Net censorship trial program of the Australian Government:


One of the organisations active in campaigning against this program is


The best running commentary is probably on the Electronic Frontiers
Australia site:


The most recent development is that the Swedish based site wikileaks is
going head to head with Senator Conroy after wikileaks published what they
claimed to be the secret blacklist of sites. Here's more on that:


Then just yesterday one of the main ISPs announced that it's pulling out.


Please feel free to access to pass on this information. The more people
who know the better.

I suggest that for safety's sake you not try to access the blacklist itself.
There's a risk that this could be in breach of Australian law.   Just
others about this issue will get the desired effect.

Best regards,

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