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Hi all
Thanks for these notes - it looks like it was a productive meeting.  Regarding workshops for next year's IGF and Max's idea about a roundtable on rights and principles, I'm planning to put a proposal in along the lines of "rights, values and principles: progress on developing an ethical framework for internet governance" (or something - that was off the top of my head!). The idea would be that it would follow on from last year's "mainstreaming rights" workshop, updating on progress made (including in Rome) and identifing ways of moving forwards.  Thoughts on that welcome.
It'd be good to share relevant proposals before we submit so we can identify overlaps/synergies in advance.  I understand one purpose of getting us to submit early is to encourage workshops on similar themes to merge, but I think we still want to try and carve out as much time in the programme as possible for discussion of these issues.  So it's important the proposals are complementary but not too overlapping and repetitive....
Also, I wonder which category rights and principles fall into under Bertrand's schema posted on the governance list:
In Hyderabad, the community underscored that different issues have different levels of "maturity" or "ripeness", and the MAG has basically identified three categories that could correspond to different workshop formats (what is below is my own formulation of the three categories) :
- issues where people do not agree yet on the nature of the problem and where a more complete picture needs to be drawn before trying to identify solutions : such issues would benefit from expert panels, laying out the different dimensions, 
- issues where people are clearly aware of the different aspects at stake but disagree on the appropriate approach or objectives; these would benefit from very interactive workshops with a lot of participation from the room 
- issues where a basic agreement has emerged on what needs to be done and where the challenge is to synergize concerted action among the different concerned stakeholders; this category could benefit from "roundtable formats" gathering the key actors involved in order to help them distribute responsibilities and coordinate action. 
I'm thinking at the overarching level, we're at stage 2 - mapping out what the rights issues are and developing frameworks and approaches for addressing them.  But for some specific rights issues, eg relating to privacy, we may be at the roundtable stage.  Thoughts?


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dear all 

once again really good meeting - thanks to marco for taking notes. Please find the minutes @ http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcdzp2mb_207cmk6c2hm please write to the list if you want to add or edit something.

Let's hold our next meeting on Thursday April 16th at 8am GMT (i am also happy to setup a doodle, but in my experience this makes things more complicated than when you put a date one month in advance in your calendar, no?)

Looking forward to a productive month


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