[IRP] Update on the Italian situation

Marco Pancini pancini
Thu Mar 19 20:21:13 EET 2009

# ISP liability: Few weeks ago the Senate approved a project of law which
could potentially harm the Internet ecosystem in Italy; this provision would
allow the Italian Interior ministry to ask the access ISP to block Web sites
if they have content which incite or justify criminal behaviors (so called
kill-the-Net law). A drafted amendment, focused on underlining the
E-commerce directive notice-and-take-down provisions has been presented
through a coalition of civil society/industry allies, and work continues to
get this adopted.

# Three Strikes Law: There is a tentative to implement the three strikes
approach in Italy since few months. This week the Anti Piracy Working Group
(the body in charge of drafting the proposals to solve the problem of
piracy) closed the consultation phase with Industry and consumer
associations. The three main associations representing the Internet
ecosystem (IAB, ICT Industry Association, Consumer Association) had similar
positions against the three strikes approach. I am not optimist in relation
to the outcome of the activity of the Anti Piracy Working Group (they will
propose the three strikes approach) but at the same time we are building a
strong coalition.

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