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again i think we should put this on the agenda for next week

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FYI. I think the template by the CS IGC is a good start. Anyone of you has
ideas on what we could submit as substantial input?

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The Secretariat has posted a call for contributions on the IGF Review at
www.intgovforum.org <http://www.intgovforum.org/>. All stakeholders are
invited to submit comments. An online questionnaire
is available. All contributions received by 24 April will be reflected
in a synthesis paper that will serve as a basis for discussions at the
consultations on 13 May 2009

I suggest that as individuals and organizations we might like to
separately submit comments. Perhaps we should also aim for a Caucus
response before April 24, or we could resubmit the relevant comments we
made in February?


1. To what extent has the IGF addressed the mandate set out for it in
the Tunis Agenda?

2. To what extent has the IGF embodied the WSIS principles?

3. What has the impact of the IGF been in direct or indirect terms? Has
it impacted you or your stakeholder group/institution/government? Has it
acted as a catalyst for change?

4. How effective are IGF processes in addressing the tasks set out for
it, including the functioning of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group
(MAG), Secretariat and open consultations?

5. Is it desirable to continue the IGF past its initial five-year
mandate, and why/why not?

6. If the continuation of the Forum is recommended, what improvements
would you suggest in terms of its working methods, functioning and

7. Do you have any other comments?

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