[IRP] [Re: statements for steering committee & proposal to conduct merger in two weeks]

Graciela Selaimen graciela
Wed Mar 4 21:35:11 EET 2009

Dear all,

responding to Max's message below, I send my statement as a candidate
for the steering committee of the IRP coalition.

all the best,

Rits has been working for the last eight years defending Communications
as a human right - since the creation of the CRIS campaign, in 2001, in
which we have been engaged since the very first meeting. During all the
WSIS process we were committed to sensitize Brazilian NGOs and activists
in regards to the issues discussed in the WSIS, especially the ones
related to the defense of rights and democracy. Rits has also played a
central role in the organization of the Brazilian Chapter of the CRIS

In the IGF process, we've been dedicated - through Nupef (Rits' Center
for Research and Capacity Building) to raise awareness and develop
capacities in the field of Internet Governance, with a special focus on
issues such as Net Neutrality, Privacy, Interconnection costs and
Freedom of Expression. Nupef has published books, issue papers, promoted
on-line courses, face to face meetings and on-line discussions on issues
related to Internet Governance and ICT policies.

I'm especially interested in understanding and discussing new rights and
principles deriving from the innovations caused by the Internet, and in
finding ways to step from conceptual and theoretical debates to
practice. I'm committed to dedicate energy to support and strengthen the
work of this Dynamic Coalition.

Max Senges escreveu:
> Dear colleagues
> In our monthly coalition meeting yesterday we agreed that we are principally
> interested to have you join and participate in our steering committee, but
> naturally we would like to understand your interests and motivations, as
> well as what topics and initiatives you plan to pursue as steering committee
> member. Naturally your participation should be covered by the mission of our
> coalition (which you can find at
> http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/7) and/or the FPI coaltion.
> If you agree, I suggest that we receive and discuss your statements until
> the 6th of March and then welcome those of you who want to join in the
> steering committee; thereby officially merging the two coalitions?
> Looking forward to working with you
> Max

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