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Tue Mar 3 16:38:09 EET 2009

good news

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Hi All

Hope that comments by others and the official summary would have
provided the details asked for by Ralf, Milton and others.

I am reminded of two other key developments that I did not report earlier.

1) The secretariat will invite workshop themes rather than workshop
proposals this time. It has its advantages and disadvantages, though on
the balance I am in favour of it. This will allow greater focus in the
workshops by pulling together similar issues together into common
workshops, and can also help the workshops being kept relatively more
aligned to the key topics being otherwise discussed at the IGF. However
this would not at all be easy to achieve as a process, which is still to
be worked out. For one, there certainly will be a a larger role of the
MAG now in the 'general workshops space' as well, while earlier it
hardly did anything in this space.

2) Another very important development is that concerned dynamic
coalition are likely to be associated from the very start with the
development of round tables. This first time gives DCs an (important)
official role in the IGF process. Significantly, this role is in an area
which may soon become the most important and looked-forward-to part of
the IGF.

The two above, I think, are important process innovations for the next
IGF other than the very concept of round tables.



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