[IRP] IGF remote participation: report online

Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel
Fri Feb 27 02:11:50 EET 2009

Apologies for cross-posting

Dear members of the list,

I write to you on behalf of the Remote Participation Working Group. This
group aims to enhance remote attendance in the IGF.

We are pleased to let you know that the report about remote participation in
the IGF Hyderabad is now available online: http://www.igfremote.org/R

The report has been written by the Working Group, in collaboration with
Dimdim. It details the experience of local IGF hubs, which was implemented
during the IGF 2008. The hubs are local meetings that exhibit the webcast of
the IGF. On the other hand, people present in the hubs can send text and
video questions that will be answered by the IGF panelists. Last year there
were 9 registered hubs. They took place in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,
Serbia, Pakistan, India, and three in Spain.

Any organization that wants to host a hub to the IGF 2009 will find a good
starting point on this report. Please, get in touch with us if you have any
questions. We would also appreciate to have your feedback.

Best regards

Mar?lia Maciel

Remote Participation Working Group (www.igfremote.org)
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