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Max Senges maxsenges
Sat Feb 28 23:07:36 EET 2009

hello everybody

(please send me a private message if you dont want to be copied in this

i see two levels where we want to ensure Human Rights and Principles are
reflected adequately in (1) ICANN's internal governance and (2) the actual
practice of the IP and domain space management (directly end user relevant)

So on the one hand there is (2) the initiative to develop and embed a text
on "Registrant rights" into policies dealing with conditions for end users.
(2) also includes Rights themes like privacy & who-is, FoE & new gTLDs)

And then there is (1) the task to look into ICANN Governance and the (user)
rights in terms of participation etc.

So please correct me if i missunderstood Cheryl's draft to address
(a) online User Rights and Interests as a whole as addressed in the WSIS (as
we pursue in the Internet Rights and Principles coalition IGF work) and

(b) user participation  in ICANN governance --> so the (1) theme we should
work on.

if you agree with this stratification i think it would make sense to sperate
the two lines of work by creating two threats

hasta pronto

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 12:33 PM, Sylvia Caras <sylvia.caras at gmail.com>wrote:

> I appreciate Cheryl?s careful exploration.
> Commenting on how to manage lay input, in the recent US presidential
> campaign, websites were effectively used to gather and rank comments -
> ICANN could do this.  And from the lay perspective, experts don?t
> always represent their constituencies (again, political examples
> abound) and an emphasis on the technical obstacles and required
> technical expertise can use experts and their peers to perpetuate
> existing embedded values.  That can stand in the way of reform.
> When I see discussions of individual rights, I understand those to be
> my rights and I expect to be able to follow the discussion in a
> central place and comment.  So that users can participate in
> explaining our rights, I?d suggest that we support easy language,
> words that mean what they seem to mean, a more level field.  And
> perhaps, if we used plain language, there?d be less wish for more and
> more exchanges.
> Here I think we might consider how best to separate the narrower ICANN
> scope and overarching IGC concerns.
> For me what I think are ICANN concerns related to this question with
> respect to registrants:
> From the end-user perspective, I want to be able to know who owns the
> domain and to find the bias or interest.  Now I sometimes can do that
> with whois.
> From the domain owner perspective, I want to maintain my ownership of
> my domain (or not) and want accountable renewal and transfer
> procedures and a responsible, timely appeal process.
> Sylvia
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