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Yes, excellent?congratulations. I will not be in Mexico either,

Best, Ginger



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Hi, Max


This is really good news. Unfortunately, I won't be in Mexico, but Carlos
Afonso (I mean,  c.a., from Rits) will. We Brazilians are really lucky -
we'll have both Carlos Afonso and Carlos Affonso representing us there :)





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Dear all

A bit last minute, but I just received the confirmation that our session:
How Are the Internet Rights and Principles Related to the Work of ICANN and
Why are They Needed to Protect the User interest in the ICANN context?? has
been approved

it will be held this sunday (01 March ) from 16:30 to 18:00 in the Alameda 4
& 5

As i am not a veteran of the complex ICANN discourse/policy environment, i
would appreciate if we can organize a meeting of all coalition members who
will be present at in Mexico to prepare the session.

Can you meet satuday during lunch?

Also I think it would be helpful if we compiled a list of relevant topics /
incidences where Rights and Principles are relevant to ICANN's work. Please
send to the list.

So far i understand the following IRP participants will be in Mexico

Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza
Vittorio Bertola
Ginger Paque
Olga Cavalli
Rudi Vansnick
Wolfgang Kleinwaechter
Thomas Schneider
Andrea Beccalli 
Wolf Ludwig
Bill Drake

Looking forward to a good workshop


Dr. Max Senges 




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Leslie Honaker <leslie at kc-a.com>

February 23, 2009


Dear Max:


Thank you for agreeing to organize a Thematic Session - TS2, at the upcoming
At-Large Summit in Mexico City, being held February 28 ? March 5, 2009.  


Your Thematic Session ?How Are the Internet Rights and Principles Related to
the Work of ICANN and Why are They Needed to Protect the User interest in
the ICANN context?? is scheduled on 01 March from 16:30 to 18:00 in the
Alameda 4 & 5 Meeting Room at the Meli? Reforma Hotel.  Please pass on this
confirmation to your speakers as we are only sending this email to the


PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for inviting and briefing speaker(s) on the
topic of your session.  Please copy us on these communications in order to
facilitate any special requests or needs they may have.  If you wish to have
a member of the ICANN Staff participate, please ensure you copy
staff at atlarge.icann.org.  As you might imagine, staff are receiving many
requests to speak and we want to ensure that none of these ?fall through the



The meeting room will be set with a U-Shaped Table for 25 people, with push
to talk microphones set at every two places.  Theater seats for 16 will be
set along the perimeter of U-Shaped Table, with floor microphones for
audience participation.  There will be power sockets available at the
U-shaped Table for each chair and power available for those in the Theater



The meeting room will include (2) LCD projectors, (2) screens, (1)
flipchart, and include participation via remote telephone, remote chat, and
audio recording. One screen will project your presentation, the other the
remote chat.  To keep the sessions moving on time, all presentations will be
loaded by our engineer onto a master laptop in the room (see Presentations
below for more details). There will also be a cue lighting system to alert
presenters of the time to end their presentation.   




__X__The meeting will include simultaneous translation in English, Spanish,
and French.  

Headsets will be provided.  


____This meeting room will have presentations in English.   No
interpretation is available. 



Please advise if there are handouts you would like us to copy for your
Thematic Session.  We will need the file(s) submitted to alex at kc-a.com via
e-mail no later than Thursday - February 26.   Please indicate the quantity
you desire, special instructions, and include the Thematic Session title on
the document. 



If possible, we would prefer to receive your PowerPoint presentations in
advance of your arrival in Mexico City.   Please send to alex at kc-a.com via
e-mail no later than Thursday - February 26.   A PowerPoint At-Large Summit
Template is attached for presentation format.  If this is not possible, we
will need to have your presentation formatted in the At-Large Summit
Template provided to us, in Mexico City, on a USB memory stick. It can be
dropped off at our Hospitality Desk located in the Main Lobby of the Meli?
Reforma Hotel on Friday - February 27 from 09:00:19:00 or we can make
arrangements to meet you.


We will be coordinating arrangements to ensure your session is a success.
Please let us know if you have any changes, questions, or concerns. Contact
us via email or while in Mexico City Wednesday - February 25 through
Thursday - March 5 at our local number 55-1941-9363.


We look forward to working with you and thank you for your support of the
At-Large Summit.  


Sincere regards,


Alejandra Trujillo          

At-Large Summit

Conference Coordinator

alex at kc-a.com 







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