[IRP] Fwd: [governance] Re: [Coalition] ICANN Meeting in Mexico

Vittorio Bertola vb
Mon Feb 16 10:53:10 EET 2009

Max Senges ha scritto:
> Hi everybody
> Ginger started a really intresting thread about the ICANN mexico meeting
> happening in less than a month.
> I wasn't aware, but Vittorio raised a Registrar's User Declaration quite
> some time ago, and if i understand correctly, now it is on the deliverable
> list for the mexico meeting
> Vittorio can you explain a bit more? How can we participate in the
> development/drafting?

Two years ago, when I was representing the ALAC on the ICANN Board, I
insisted that registrants should be provided information on their rights
when buying a domain name, similarly to the "passenger rights" posters
that we see in every European airport.

But I've not been involved in this since I left the board in December
2007, and the point that Danny is making (I hope you know him, otherwise
you wouldn't be able to put his emails in context) is that the ALAC
never bothered to follow up on my proposal.

I heard that some people proposed to write a "declaration of internet
user rights" at the At Large Summit in Mexico, which does seem a bit
ridiculous since no preparatory work was made and AFAIK only a handful
of people are thinking at it. But you should ask the people who are
organizing the At Large Summit, I confess I'm totally out of the loop
about it.

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