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Max Senges maxsenges
Mon Feb 16 12:28:47 EET 2009

Dear Nick

I have heard about the proposal to work on a "declaration of internet
user rights" which was originally raised by Vittorio as a declaration
"similarly to the "passenger rights" posters
that we see in every European airport."

Could you please advise who is planning to work on this initiative. Me an I
believe some of the participants of the Internet Rights and Principles
coalition would like to contribute.


2009/2/16 Vittorio Bertola <vb at bertola.eu>

> Max Senges ha scritto:
> > Hi everybody
> >
> > Ginger started a really intresting thread about the ICANN mexico meeting
> > happening in less than a month.
> >
> > I wasn't aware, but Vittorio raised a Registrar's User Declaration quite
> > some time ago, and if i understand correctly, now it is on the
> deliverable
> > list for the mexico meeting
> >
> > Vittorio can you explain a bit more? How can we participate in the
> > development/drafting?
> Two years ago, when I was representing the ALAC on the ICANN Board, I
> insisted that registrants should be provided information on their rights
> when buying a domain name, similarly to the "passenger rights" posters
> that we see in every European airport.
> But I've not been involved in this since I left the board in December
> 2007, and the point that Danny is making (I hope you know him, otherwise
> you wouldn't be able to put his emails in context) is that the ALAC
> never bothered to follow up on my proposal.
> I heard that some people proposed to write a "declaration of internet
> user rights" at the At Large Summit in Mexico, which does seem a bit
> ridiculous since no preparatory work was made and AFAIK only a handful
> of people are thinking at it. But you should ask the people who are
> organizing the At Large Summit, I confess I'm totally out of the loop
> about it.
> Ciao,
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