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Deal IRPlers

please find a suggestion on planning for the Charter review process attached
and copied below


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Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 1:25 PM
Subject: Proposal for IRP Charter Revision
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Dear Lisa and Max,

First of all, sorry for my silence till now: I'm overwhelmed with work, in
addition to many NGO activities..

Please find attached the proposal for the IRP Charter Revision process. This
is a brief summary of discussions between Rikke, Wolfgang and myself at IGF
2009, taking into account the discussion during IRP coalition meeting in
Sharm El Sheikh, as well as some latest developments on the IRP coalition
list and in our exchanges (EuroDIG as a main milestone, taking into account
the Free Culture Forum Charter, in case the proposal to merge efforts is
Rikke and Wolfgang have already agreed on this summary, so this is our
common final proposal to the coalition.

Feel free to share this proposal with the coalition, to collect and
summarize comments from its members until the end of this month, and get
back to us in early January with the coalition latest comments and final
version of the charter that we should work on, obviously provided that the
coalition accepts our proposal.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll be travelling abroad starting from the end of
this week, thus not available for further discussions. I suspect Rikke and
Wolfgang will be very busy too in this period.

Best regards,
Meryem Marzouki

    *IRP Coalition Charter Revision Process*
Proposal from the Human Rights Expert Group to the IRP Coalition

*(Summary of discussion during IGF 2009)*

*Meryem Marzouki ? 14 December 2009*

* *

This proposal is a summary of the meeting held during IGF 2009 between the
first three identified HR experts (Wolfgang Benedek, Rikke Frank Joergensen,
Meryem Marzouki), followed by a discussion with the IRP coalition during its
meeting of 18/11/2009. If accepted, this proposal will be the basis of the
HR expert group work to produce the final charter, to be launched at IGF

Inputs to be taken into account, besides international human rights
instruments and relevant literature:

-       IRP draft charter, as of 31st December 2009 (main input):


-       APC Charter: (http://www.apc.org/en/node/5677)

-       Free Culture Forum Coalition draft charter: (http://www.fcforum.net)

-       WSIS HR Caucus related documents, in particular the guideline for a
HR approach


-       International Symposium on the Information Society, Human Dignity
and Human Rights Geneva: ?*Statement on Human Rights, Human Dignity and the
Information Society?*:


-       Other inputs if found relevant by the HR expert group in the course
of the process.


-       *Until 31st December 2009*: further edits and comments by IRP
members and agreement on the HR expert group work program (methodology and
milestones). IRP representatives should provide last version (as of
31stDecember) of IRP charter to HR expert group.

-       *From 1st January to 25 April 2010*: HR expert group develop a first
draft of the charter

-       *EuroDIG 2010* (29-30 April 2010, Madrid): first round of comments
by IRP coalition and other EuroDIG participants. *Subject to feasibility*:
organize a closed HR experts, organizations and institutions meeting.

-       *From 1st May to 31st May 2010*: Consultation with other HR experts
and HR organizations and institutions.

-       *From 1st June to 30 June 2010*: HR expert group consolidates the

-       *From 1st July to 31st August 2010*: *Latest* (minor) comments by
IRP coalition. Long period due to summer holidays. *Synthesis of these
comments to be provided to HR expert group* *by IRP representatives *(this
is needed given that only 10 days left for final consolidation)

-       *From 1st September to 10 September*: HR expert group consolidates
the draft with latest comments.

-       *IGF 2010* (14-17 September 2010, Vilnius): public launch of the

* *

* *

Structure and Methodology:

-       *Structure*: the final outcome will focus on a) the substantive
rights and b) their realization, however not within the current structure in
two different sections (?rights? and ?principles? in the current IRP draft
charter). The problem with two sections is that they present rights and
principles as different layers, whereas principles - within HR terminology -
represent the foundation of rights. We understand that the coalition wish to
address "implementation principles", and are optimistic that this may be
accomplished within the proposed Matrix model below.

-       *Methodology*: the rough methodology, at this step, is to work using
a matrix, where rights (article by article) are crossed with different
layers (from physical to usage). The idea is to translate the rights while
providing the requirements for their realization at each layer, a layer also
corresponding to a category of actor. The requirements (the elements of the
matrix) could be positive or negative, depending on the given right and the
given layer. Moreover, the requirements could be of different kind: legal,
economical, technical, behavioral, etc. Depending on progress, outcome and
discussion results after the first round of consultations (April-May 2010),
the IRP coalition could still consider working on implementation guidelines.

HR Expert Group:

-       Wolfgang Benedek (AT)

-       Rikke Frank  Joergensen (DK)

-       Meryem Marzouki (FR) ? Group coordinator

-       Andrew Rens (ZA) ? TBC (proposed by Anriette Esterhuysen)

-       Others experts from the South (Latin America, Asia) ? Identification
in process

Meryem Marzouki - Paris, France
Email: Meryem.Marzouki at lip6.fr
Lab. LIP6/CNRS/UPMC - www-polytic.lip6.fr
IRIS (Imaginons un r?seau Internet solidaire) - www.iris.sgdg.org
EDRI (European Digital Rights) - www.edri.org
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