[IRP] quite questionable decisions in the domain dispute court

Eric Dierker cogitoergosum
Sun Dec 13 15:54:14 EET 2009

I was quite interested in both the forwarded message and the Corporate Complaint.
It is not a bad practice to solicit business.? It is not a bad practice to seek out potential customers and try to sell them a product or service.? If the rigors of being sought out and contacted in the normal course of running a business is too much for someone, that someone has a problem and not the solicitor.
As for disputes of domain names and the innappropriate taking by people with fast lawyers and lots of money:? Because no group has raised enough awareness and no individuals have decided it is worth their time and effort-- there is no balance.? But I am quite sure that when enough people really care, enough to put their money and time into it and take their ego and greed out of it, we will level the playing field.
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