[IRP] European Civil Society Data Protection Award

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Tue Dec 15 10:41:53 EET 2009

Dear all,

Please find enclosed a joint press release by two european  
associations, AEDH (association for the defense of human rights) and  
EDRI (European digital rights), who have joined forces to launch a  
new initiative: the ECSDPA (European Civil Society Data Protection  
Award). The call for nominations is at: http://www.ecsdpa.org. The  
first ECSDPA will be awarded on 28 January 2010, as a European civil  
society contribution to the Data Protection day.
I hope you will participate to the nomination process, and help  
disseminate this information.
Meryem Marzouki

Meryem Marzouki - Paris, France
Email: Meryem.Marzouki at lip6.fr
Lab. LIP6/CNRS/UPMC - www-polytic.lip6.fr
IRIS (Imaginons un r?seau Internet solidaire) - www.iris.sgdg.org
EDRI (European Digital Rights) - www.edri.org

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