[IRP] our proposals for events @ IGF09

Lisa Horner lisa
Mon Apr 20 18:37:27 EEST 2009

Hi all


Thanks for your comments.  It's a really interesting discussion, which
I'd like to go into in more depth.  And hopefully Max's research and
paper will provide a basis for this.  


When I talk about values in this context, it's always rights-based
values.  If you can't root the "value" in the human rights framework,
then I'm not interested!  


For me, human rights are all about values - values that we have about
what it means to be human.  I think part of the reason why cultural and
religious values are often invoked in ways that ultimately violate human
rights is that we haven't done enough over the past 60 years to
demonstrate how human rights are relevant to all communities, cultures,
religions etc across the world.  We've shied away from debates about
values, which has contributed to the rights framework being dismissed as
a western construct, and very little effort has been made to link
religious and cultural debate/discourse into the human rights framework.
I think that we need to address some of these issues head on, as shying
away from them will only serve to perpetuate this disconnect.


Another reason, in my opinion, for including reference to values in the
discussion is that it will help to include people who are skeptical of
the rights framework, or who are worried about the legal aspects/being
taken to court, but who are interested in engaging in debate and who are
ultimately interested in achieving some of the same end goals (universal
access/participation for minorities/free expression..). Obviously the
danger is that "values" might disguise actions that violate rights, but
that's why we'd need constant reference back to the human rights


These are just some initial thoughts, and it'd be great to continue this
discussion. I'm hoping that Max's research will help to clarify some of
my own thinking about this, and about where "principles" fit in too.
Hopefully this can be a practical discussion, rather than just
semantics.  Language can be very powerful, and it is important to find
the right words necessary to convey what we mean and reach the intended


Regarding the title of the workshop, I actually came up with a few
options before settling on the rights, values and principles heading.  I
could take "values" out, or does anyone have any preference for the
ideas below?!


All the best,



Incorporating human rights into internet governance: Exploring the


The practicalities of rooting internet governance in human rights.


Rooting internet governance in rights, values and principles: the
practical dimensions.


Mainstreaming human rights in internet governance: From discussion to


>From discussion to realisation: Practical strategies for rooting
internet governance in human rights.




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hi everybody

two quick points (or as it turns out not so quick): (a) lisa and i just
had a meeting where we discussed about the relation between: values -
rights - principles --- at first i was critical but lisa managed to
convince me of the usefulness of addressing values as part of our
approach. As some of you know i have been contracted by Global Partners
to work on a report "Rooting the networked environment in human rights:
Exploring "values and principles" approaches and mechanisms" so i am
sorry i don't have time to elaborate my (initial) work done so far, but
i suggest that we discuss and ultimitely agree on a shared definition in
our (revised) mission statement.

I would like to invite everybody who is interested to participate in
this essential discussion to meet to discuss the preliminary findings of
the report on friday the 8th of may. So we can report some first
insights from the discussion. 

Anyways I would say that Lisa / Global Partners can propose the workshop
with the "values" "tag" if she decides to do so because (b) in the form
i would list the IRP coalition where it says  "who would you approach as
hasta luego 



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