[IRP] our proposals for events @ IGF09

Graciela Selaimen graciela
Mon Apr 20 21:49:15 EEST 2009

Hi, Lisa

> When I talk about values in this context, it?s always rights-based 
> values. If you can?t root the ?value? in the human rights framework, 
> then I?m not interested!
So this must be made clear in the text. Of course I understand your 
vision on what values are, and even support it, but the words we use in 
a proposal like this goes far beyond ourselves and our commitment in 
understanding and being open to each other.
> For me, human rights are all about values - values that we have about 
> what it means to be human. I think part of the reason why cultural and 
> religious values are often invoked in ways that ultimately violate 
> human rights is that we haven?t done enough over the past 60 years to 
> demonstrate how human rights are relevant to all communities, 
> cultures, religions etc across the world. We?ve shied away from 
> debates about values, which has contributed to the rights framework 
> being dismissed as a western construct, and very little effort has 
> been made to link religious and cultural debate/discourse into the 
> human rights framework. I think that we need to address some of these 
> issues head on, as shying away from them will only serve to perpetuate 
> this disconnect.
I agree there's a lot to be done in this respect - but since we are 
aware of this gap, lets be cautious on how we'll overcome it. *A lot* of 
discussion is needed so that we can coherently present a different 
understanding of language, especially of a concept that has been 
traditionally used for the last decades to justify exactly what we fight 
> These are just some initial thoughts, and it?d be great to continue 
> this discussion. I?m hoping that Max?s research will help to clarify 
> some of my own thinking about this, and about where ?principles? fit 
> in too. Hopefully this can be a practical discussion, rather than just 
> semantics. Language can be very powerful, and it is important to find 
> the right words necessary to convey what we mean and reach the 
> intended goals.
Totally agree. And I look forward discussing this further, with no 
deadline constraints - so that all of us can spend more time reflecting 
before reframing our speech.
> Regarding the title of the workshop, I actually came up with a few 
> options before settling on the rights, values and principles heading. 
> I could take ?values? out, or does anyone have any preference for the 
> ideas below?!
I really like this one:
> Mainstreaming human rights in internet governance: >From discussion to 
> practice.
all the best,

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