[IRPCoalition] Nomination for the Steering Committee Member

Purnima Tiwari tiwaripurnima04 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 19:45:33 EET 2024

Dear All,

Hello! I am Purnima Tiwari and I’d like to nominate myself as a candidate
for IRPC steering committee member. I have worked for five years in
Strategic Communications, and Research on mainstream media frames in Indian
elections.  I hold an interdisciplinary Master's degree in 'Media
Governance’ from the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance.

*1.*     *About myself:*

My Internet Governance (IG) journey started as an ISOC Youth Ambassador. I
joined the IRPC Dynamic Collation in November 2021.

I was selected as IGF Youth Ambassador 2021 and as a community initiative,
I have worked on "Building digital literacy amongst rural communities in

I have contributed to a workshop on "Multi-stakeholder approaches to AI
policy and program development" as a Youth representative. It was organized
by UNESCO and the Innovation for Policy Foundation. I was also invited to
the DSG dialogue on Tech, Youth, and Innovation organized by the Office of
Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General. Recently, I have shared
my views against internet censorship for a journal

I am the Core Organizing Committee member of IGF’s NRI Initiative ‘Youth
IGF India’ <https://youthigf.in/sep-2022/committees/>. For the last two
years, I have been actively working on empowering youth for a sustainable
digital future. My role is largely to

·       Build partnerships with like-minded organizations

·       Engage the community via outreach

·       and Manage coordination with industry leaders, mentors, and advisors

My Digital rights advocacy and experience in organizing IG-focused forums
and dialogues gives me the confidence to put forward my nomination for the
role of SC Committee member.

*2.*     *Statement of Intent:*

I intend to foster collaborations for building thought leadership on
concerns around emerging technology. I also intend to amplify outreach on
‘Awareness around human rights on the Internet’, widely disseminating ideas
on digital rights and privacy.

*3.     **Vision for the role and responsibilities:*

IRPC brings together brilliant and diverse minds. I for one, am
comparatively new to this domain and have a lot to learn from experts and
peers. Here’s my humble outline for the vision that aligns with IRPC
objectives -

My vision is guided by the 17th SDG which is to “enhance the use of
enabling technology, in particular ICT” (Target 17.8)

I comprehend it as a call to bridge the digital divide and the Global
North, and South through commitments and policies. The onus of this
commitment doesn't fall upon a certain generation but on everyone who
believes in an equal, transparent, and accessible internet. I believe this
could be achieved via developing inter-generational dialogues and enhancing
outreach to engage relevant actors.

Thank you all for your time and kind consideration, I sincerely appreciate

Purnima Tiwari
tiwaripurnima04 at gmail.com
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