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Timothy Holborn timothy.holborn at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 23:01:12 EEST 2023

Hi all,

I had some life challenges whilst this was all happening, and i've never
participated in such a thing - indeed, at WSIS - it was my hope that
progress could be made by the UN on 'human rights - values credentials',
which i've been working on as part of a broader w3c related ecosystem for
years - but couldn't find the right part of the UN to help...


is an illustrative draft, but its hard to understand unless decentralised
'human centric' systems (that do not depend upon web 2.0 silos, to support
'social web' functionality (as was, historically, part of the meaning of
web 3.0, before the blockchain / id2020 stuff); but, it appears what's more
important, is that tooling is created to demonstrate how some of these
sorts of systems can be made to work; and beyond that also, the sessions
weren't complete - so - i was puzzled about how to respond, given, the
inputs hadn't been delivered yet...

in anycase; i've started on,


and then also - instigated: https://www.w3.org/community/humancentricai/
 (other notes: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-humancentricai/

which is - in-effect, an extension of my 'human centric' works

(search w3c)

as defined: https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/

that was turned into a group (rather than more simply, part of the
web-payments specs / works);
see my name on it)

note: re - 'human centric' (the AI was implicit
https://twitter.com/DameWendyDBE/status/1172470883610431489  - until more

so, Given, the various factors at play;

1. I mostly chatted in the chat window, which is how its done more broadly
on the web / internet - but unlikely UN???  i'm guessing, the idea of
supporting the role of all members of our human family, in supporting our
SDGs & human Rights, is still in the early days of development; as
nervously identified during WSIS2023 -

(all a bit overwhelming, tbh).

2.  I think, given the broad-ranging implications of pace, and various
other factors at play - best efforts, is all that's needed, isn't it?
therein, maybe - publish it on linkedin, and other sites, with appropriate
hash-tags, etc..

The work I've started on seeking to put technology to work, through the
lens of how it is employed to advance delivery of billions of homes, water,
etc... https://groups.google.com/g/peace-infrastructure-project

its a long way, since jan 2017 when vint commented on my attempts to
simplify your doc;

whilst i wasn't aware of the meeting apparently had - PCI was set-up later
on... https://peoplecentered.net/pci-home-2/pci-history/  and well, whilst
i am troubled about the mixed definitions of 'person', between law in some
jurisdictions (ie: legal persons / personhood), vs. what i'd consider to be
its intended meaning in instruments such as the UDHR, and whilst my work on
web civics from 2014 - on tech for the public good - hasn't gone as well as
i'd hoped, but a similar movement has developed - public digital goods,

I think, just seeking to ensure one's voice is truly heard, honourably, on
a best efforts basis - particularly re: areas, that are all about works for
the betterment of circumstances for all members of our human family, means
to support different systems, ideologies, religions and systems that
seemingly embody different cultural and/or religious like characteristics;
and the means to support portability, interoperability, etc...   overall,
so much work to do, and not enough hands, hearts & minds.

when i put this together https://2017.trustfactory.org/  - i made
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9vROTibKiE on christmas day 2016 (youtube
changed the date, when i made it public, rather than unlisted -
provenance is a problem, working on solving it - but its not done yet, try
searching google for articles about covid, in 2017 or so).  Somehow, whilst
noting in particular the focus appears to be health systems, which are
legal records - that need to support far more than simply health data from
clinicians, if they are to protect clinicians and patients alike - some of
the advancements in those areas; have happened after - the dates

so, one might think - good faith, and indeed also the challenges relating
to AI possibly having a far greater impact on human life than COVID (which
could be measured as a baseline by looking at the population forecasts,
from before 2020, as may be compared by recent states) dictates that - we
need to figure out how to work like its a pandemic...

Given the pace at which people around the world
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_lockdowns  happened (never before
possible before broadband) - what is possible
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHB_G_zWTbc  whilst we so rapidly seek to
address these so very important issues: https://youtu.be/nH9IPpDrVTs

IMO: best efforts... should be all that is expected of anyone, as part of
the practice method built upon shared values, to deliver the SDGs, and
transformationally improve the lives of billions of people, via our
co-joint efforts, overall, as a human family.

hope some notes above help...  fwiw; my broader library is:
but its poorly organised,

I'm hoping to get a human centric system, running soon, to reorganise how
to employ and engage with knowledge systems, socially, etc...  soon.

if / when I get that initial - not yet complete / reviewed / drafted - GDC
inspired document noted above - updated, I'll forward the link.

so much work, still to do...  yet, as is one of the many issues, the
'digital slavery' issues - is, imo, a big problem.  somehow, work - which
is not sleep nor recreation, needs to be treated with some level of
dignity, and UBI - doesn't result in tax revenue.  so, whilst some may love
the status quo, imo, alternative solutions that support human rights -
should be allowed, particularly re: access to justice via courts of law, as
to support peace; and improving our means to address, at least, the very
serious CO2 / climate change impacts of energy being spent - on corruption
https://press.un.org/en/2018/sc13493.doc.htm activities...  seemingly less
popular than going after medical / health industry use-cases, but, honestly
- that worries me, alot.

best wishes,

Timothy Holborn

On Sat, 17 Jun 2023 at 02:42, minda moreira <mindamoreira at hotmail.com>

> Dear all,
> Another important update this time regarding our input to the Global
> Digital Compact.
> Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the input on the draft
> document. The input was submitted last April 29th, via the online form, and
> an email with supplementary information (i.e., a digital copy of the IRPC
> Charter) was sent the following day.
> Unfortunately, our input was never published. After a few emails to the
> Global Digital Compact team and the Envoy on Technology office to enquire
> on the status of our submission, we were finally informed that the
> submission had not been received, which I believe was a technical glitch.
> I re-submitted our input as advised on May 19th, but since then we have
> not received any further updates:
> 1. The reception of our (re)submission has not been confirmed;
> 2. There is no answer yet on whether our input will be taken into account
> or published online;
> 3. There are still no details on what could have been the cause of the
> technical glitch following the submission via the GDC website on April 29th.
> I have cc'd the Global Digital Compact team and the Envoy on Technology
> office and I seriously hope that someone will get back to us on this as
> soon as possible.
> We plan to continue the discussion on how the IRPC can better contribute
> to the future of the IGF and to the development and implementation of the
> Global Digital Compact, particularly on the application of human rights
> online at our annual meeting at the IGF 2023.
> Please see attached a PDF copy of our submission.
> Very best wishes,
> Minda
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