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Dear Members,
I trust this mail meets you well! My name is Christiana Longe, i am nominating myself for the position of the Steering Committee Member and I seek for a member to second my nomination. I will love to introduce myself.
I am a digital right lawyer in Nigeria, I am a member of the Digital Rights Lawyer Initiative, I have been privileged to litigate on cases involving privacy, data protection, online freedom of expression online and other human rights issues.
I have also attended the West Africa School of Internet Governance where I learned more about Internet Governance issues, in-depth analysis of opportunities and challenges of emerging issues (cyber security, digital economy and human rights) especially as it affects Africa.
The world is moving towards global digital age, though Africa might be behind but it has also put in some efforts that has made it very important to have a free internet space that is also safe. I intend to work towards ensuring a safe internet that is free from any form of abuse and violations.
I am confident that my experience and knowledge will contribute in achieving IRP objectives in my capacity as a member of the Steering Committee.
Thank you so much.
Sincerely,Christiana Longe.
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