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Wed Apr 5 12:56:39 EEST 2023

Hi All,

Quick note,

I've started a W3C Human Centric AI CG, and the invite is open -
participants from many different fields of expertise are sought to become
involved[1].  The link to join is noted in the article, and here[2].

There are various topics that I think need work, and some may well have
cross-over with the works of this group.  So whilst I'm excited, yet
hesitantly optimistic.  Passionate, yet lacking resources,  the hope is...

It'll help forge a foundation for a particular type of market-based
ecosystems, that'll be different to others; and that, in-order to ensure
that they're able to exist at all, whilst also attending to various
opportunities to address emerging issues relating to the impact other forms
of systems might have upon humanity in anycase,

The next step appeared to be to set-up a W3C CG defined to provide the
scope, to discover, learn, puzzle, design / develop and produce derivative
works, that may help us all forge solutions to problems / opportunities,
otherwise set aside.

Kind Regards,

Timothy Holborn


[2] https://www.w3.org/community/humancentricai/
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