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Dear IRPC community,


We hope this email finds you well. Below we present recent IRPC updates and opportunities. 


IGF 2022: 


IGF 2022 is around the corner! Mark your calendars for IRPC sessions at IGF 2022:

Day 2: 13.50 - DC Main Session: Our Digital Future: How IGF Dynamic Coalitions support the Global Digital Compact

The IRPC will be joining the panel in the second part of the session: “The contribution of DC priorities, activities and outcomes to the UN Secretary-General’s Global Digital Compact (GDC) and the WSIS+20 Review” 


Day 3 

11.15 -  [DC] Access & participation as enablers of digital human rights

17.30 - [TH #96] Safeguarding human rights with a free and open internet

If you are at the IGF onsite, don’t forget to visit IRPC’s booth at the IGF Village. 

The IRPC is co-organizing an in-person workshop, the Quantum Constitutionalism Workshop: Law and Governance for the Quantum Age, that will take place in Bremen, Germany on November 7-8, 2022. If you are in the area, please let the organizers know through the website. The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different disciplines (such as computer science, law, political science, etc.) to develop a research agenda focusing on the future rollout of quantum technologies such as quantum cryptography and the impact these might have on human rights. Outputs will be shared through this newsletter. 

The Center for AI and Digital Policy is accepting applications for AI Policy Clinic’s Spring 2023 cohort. Interested candidates may fill out this form  by November 15, 2022. 

SMEX announced an inaugural Fellowship on Technology and Human Rights. Bilingual (Arabic/English) applicants from or with significant ties to the MENA region and interested in research and/or mobilisation on such topics as freedom of expression, digital surveillance, Internet shutdowns, business and human rights, climate change and technology and so forth are encouraged to apply by December 11, 2022. This part-time and paid fellowship is envisaged to begin in early 2023. 

Best regards,
Meri Baghdasaryan
(on behalf of IRPC Steering Committee) 
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