[IRPCoalition] Nomination: Raashi Saxena for co-chair

June Parris parrisjune51 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 17:20:51 EET 2022

Dear All,

I second Raashi to be nominated as co- chair.


June Parris

Civicus Member (MAG)
Internet Society
Dynamic Coalition  (Sids: IRPC)
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Subject: [IRPCoalition] Nomination: Raashi Saxena for co-chair

Dear all,

I would like to nominate Raashi Saxena for co-chair.

She has been very active in the IRPC work and worked hard at the
latest IGF. I think she'd be an excellent co-chair.

Note: Raashi is now in the Steering Committee, but there's nothing
in the rules that'd prevent her from transferring to co-chair.

Presumably it would mean we'd be filling another SC position,
but there're two candidates for SC so it should work well.

Raashi, I hope you'll accept.

All the best,

Tapani Tarvainen
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