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Dear all,

Forwarding IGF MAG Chair Anriette's last call for DCs responses to the DCs survey.
Ours<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zpD27O5UBKMmQlykQcmCjMkzOxDt4z-d/view?usp=sharing> will be submitted this Sunday morning: any last comments here<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zpD27O5UBKMmQlykQcmCjMkzOxDt4z-d/view?usp=sharing> are very welcome!

Best wishes,

From: Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org>
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2021 3:15 PM
To: dc at intgovforum.org <dc at intgovforum.org>
Subject: [DC] Plea for your responses: DC survey still open until 2 May

Dear DC people

Thanks to Sorina and Markus for extending the deadline for completing
the survey.

I want to request that all DCs complete this survey. The IGF is going
through a period of strengthening intersessional work (e.g. through the
introduction of the two new "policy networks" - one one environment
and one on universal and meaningful access - and also approaching the
programme content in a focused way through the issue focus areas
identified by the MAG for 2021.

At the same renewal of the IGF's mandate is on the horison - 2025.

Dynamic Coalitions are central to all of these efforts. They represent
the communities of practice, the networks of people and institutions
that deal with bread and butter internet governance concerns on a day to
day basis. Getting your input, and those of as many as possible of the
members of DCs, on this survey will contribute to:

- overall learning about DCs and their impact

- how they can be grown and supported effectively

- how to link them to other part of the IGF architechture such as NRIs,
BPFs and Policy Networks

- a deeper understanding of the IGF itself, and how it has delivered on
its 2005 mandate and how it can be strengthened going forward

Please do take the time to respond. We really need your input on this.

Thanks a lot!

Anriette Esterhuysen
IGF MAG Chair 2021

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> From: *Sorina Teleanu* <teleanusorina at gmail.com
> <mailto:teleanusorina at gmail.com>>
> Date: Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 4:56 PM
> Subject: DC survey still open until 2 May
> To: IGF DC list <dc at intgovforum.org <mailto:dc at intgovforum.org>>
> Dear all,
> We have received some requests to extend the deadline for the DC
> survey and we are hereby informing you that the *DCs which have not
> yet submitted their responses can do so _until the end of this week (2
> May)_*.
> https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/survey-for-active-dcs
> <https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/survey-for-active-dcs>
> Many thanks to all those who have responded to the survey so far; your
> input is very much appreciated.
> And a kind reminder to everyone else to please do the same. If we want
> the DC paper to be meaningful, we do need to hear from you all.
> Best regards,
> Sorina
>         On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 4:32 PM Sorina Teleanu
>         <teleanusorina at gmail.com <mailto:teleanusorina at gmail.com>> wrote:
>             Dear all,
>             The survey for active DCs has just been launched. Many
>             thanks to all those who have commented on the draft version.
>             https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/survey-for-active-dcs
>             <https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/survey-for-active-dcs>
>             DCs are kindly invited to respond to the survey *_by 25
>             April_*. Each DC is expected to develop their responses
>             *in a collaborative manner, with the involvement of its
>             members*.
>             The survey results will be later synthesised and used as
>             input into the DC paper. So it is very important that we
>             hear from you all.
>             Individual emails will also be sent to the coordinators of
>             active DCs.
>             Thank you in advance for your responses.
>             Best regards,
>             Sorina
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