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Timothy Holborn timothy.holborn at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 18:17:03 EEST 2020

Hi June,

RE: "If not yet a speaker you can offer your services to the secretariat in
an email. Since we are looking for speakers. You can also join the Main
session working groups all available on the website."

--> thankyou.  i'll follow-up tomorrow.

broader thoughts per below; maybe it might help others with their thinking.
  so - FYI Some of what i've been working on attempts to scaffold a process
i called 'Segmentation of concern - non-conflationary evaluation

The theory being; the need to 'de-conflate' the multiple segments to the
present-day circumstances now requiring urgent attention.

The topical headings i started with; are,

*1. COVID-19*
There is a contagious virus known as covid-19.  (note Clinical Doc - as
listed laso below:

*2. Mental Illness Pandemic*
A wide-spread mental illness pandemic is manifesting at scale both
domestically & abroad.

*3. Infodemic*
Our Communications infrastructure is disproportionately untrust-worthy,
with enormous effect.

*4. Domestic and inter-domestic cyber-social economic infrastructure*A
perception of international hostilities is leading to concerns about medium
to long-term peace, productivity, opportunity, collaboration and means to
internationally address existential risks.

this is in-turn coupled to a large volume of work i've been doing over
sometime; but its been elevated post COVID-19.

Current unfinished draft works in progress; is has been broken down into
segments including,
- Political (inc human rights):
- Psychological:

The genesis of these documents started by being prompted to respond to a US
centric discussion that was effectively talking about 'global identity'
infrastructure (ie: private, global, critical infrastructure for human
beings managing; health, identity, socio-economic participation, etc.)
which I fiercely objected to...  I then wrote 25+ pages, and due to the
complexity started trying to break-it-down whilst also trying to re-focus
on a briefing method for AU GOV (essentially). From there, its been
evolving; but i'm trying not to spend all my time on something that may
never be knowingly deemed useful, whilst considerate of the international
nature of this stuff (but international work is generally freely done, in
my experience); SO yes, happy to talk at IGF on principle, but i do think i
need to make adjustments; as there is this critical underlying question -
do companies have a lawful right to form technologically adavanced new
means of slavery and other behaviours similar to those known to be wrong

If people are psychologically tortured and/or trapped by an actor who
strips value from work via a platforms design; is that ok?  Calling a
slave, a consumer is similar to calling a slave an illegal?  I am very
concerned about how much worse this situation may get, the implications,
the moral poverty.

Discussing the problem today a concept of "psychological terrorism" as a
term; was brought to mind...  which is different to
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting or the many other implications
that have real-world consequences seemingly surpressed.

a terrible 'conspiracy theorist' is generally psychiatrically unwell.  A
government paid professional 'conspiracy theorist' is called an 'organised
crime investigator'; i hear they're making the practice illegal in parts of
Australia, so i'm not sure how lawyers could possibly operate; but then
again, that's probably just the 'fake news', who knows. This IN-turn
appears to feed into something i call 'binarism', which is effectively
comply / non-comply; both of which are dissociative and/or harmful; But as
Internet, or the transition from print era tools to cyber - makes
everything dynamic, no evidence - no worries.

I wrote:
the 2nd april  and
which was sent to clinicians seeking to get it reviewed.

Today I find:

after so much suffering...
As i have been working on the documents, i've also started to make the
attached diagram (which has errors in it still) which links to:
https://mediaprophet.github.io//TFStuff/cyberPhysicalSociety.png and others
that were made in years earlier:

today, my research found that apparently a funeral home has started funding
advocacy works due to the high volume of customers via suicide...

in previous forms of war, we at least acknowledged the fallen...  I feel
strongly that we are being betrayed, that it should not be my
responsibility to do the work needed to communicate what empathy means,
freely, particularly when its going to cost trillions of dollars across the
planet for compliance...

we need vocabulary.  If it is something i can help improve circumstances,
for healing - of course, count me in...

but i'll try to get some more of this very difficult work done tomorrow as
to be more succinct.  in the DSM IV / V there's a whole section on
dissociative behaviours. i won't be able to process that or other important
constituent elements - too quickly...  I am trying to 'boil it down', its
quite difficult to do.

is hard.

i stood for: https://vimeo.com/30416090 given
https://www.slideshare.net/Ubiquitousau/auscivics-gg-commission and made
sure it was on the public screens at CHOGM when:

but good work isn't paid work anymore...  doing good, is increasingly not
what people get paid to do...  reality, increasingly, doesn't matter...

it's like we started with:

then put a bunch of dishonest people in charge of it; which led to an
outcome that's incompatible with the concept of knowledge.   Its still
'information', but its kinda like trying to study history in a library that
doesn't separate the fiction from the non-fiction works, and has defined a
completely different type of genre / categorisation system; based upon,
what makes people more dependent upon it - in a way that is profitable to
them; and if mistakes are made,

click of a few buttons - history is changed - nothing to complain about -
rule of law - made redundant.

I don't know what the words are to say that people have a right for
sensemaking about reality as to distinguish it from fantasy, propaganda; as
to have an inalienable right to evidence; as required by a court of law...

but i'll also have to keep working at it...  whilst people are dying, not
simply by the cytokine storm brought about by covid-19; not simply of
disease that if diagnosed earlier may have been survivable; and not simply
from self-harm; and not simply, now, as though the magic cure for covid-19
will solve everything.

Thoughtfulness, empathy, humanity is under attack; and we're stuck on
platforms that are profiting from the consumption of us, in our biosphere.

I am not confident we even have the words to describe it properly... An age
that presents a story to show that billionaires may not be able to afford
moral wealth; that is in-turn likely to lead to an outcome where scavengers
continue to consume the poor, whilst we're distracted, feeling sorry for
the billionaires.

the TIP_module3_Ebook document attached is something i found a few years
ago that links to the underlying works on severe trauma related
dissociative behaviours...  I suspect the dynamic nature of platforms that
lead to some making mass purchases of toilet-paper; targets us all, in
different ways...

including politicians, their families, etc.

but they don't understand AI, Law, Medicine in both general and various
specialist fields; economics, politics, etc...   Its like trying to explain
the impact of AI as though it could be explained using an example analogy
of microplastics - as are now in so many living things across the planet
(including most people); but a form of microplastic that could be defined
to have a commercial agenda, operating in narrow rules - focused on
dependency growth and profit...  Microplastics is a problem caused by that;
but the problem causing it, is a set of characteristically definable traits
defining how we can communicate; internet, and its applications.

as noted previously https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1200228.shtml  may
actually be a far better solution than whats on offer

How can we solve any problem if out 'right' for 'sense making' is willfully
considered to be an ancillary problem; something that does not

And if that problem is fixed; would we still need to pay yearly fees for a
'domain name', would IP Addresses be allocated to only legal personalities;
or maybe also, natural persons; yet if a decision is made to fix some of
the problems 'going on', what's needed to ensure peace?  Sometimes the
fastest way to stop something, is war...

I put https://2017.trustfactory.org/ together back then, 2017.

2018 included;

Feb 2020 - FWIW - My ~86 page document from feb is:
made for
AU gov (who published it online
. )

*The thing about 'trust factory' (which i registered in 2015) was
trustworthiness - i don't think they understood... **or maybe they did, but
didn't care, didn't think it mattered...*   *I'm fairly sure the argument
isn't with me; there's bigger things / issues - at play... far bigger than
a US election.  *

I'll think about how to consolidate these thoughts further,

With thanks, empathy & kindness,

timothy Holborn

On Sun, 20 Sep 2020 at 04:56, June Parris <parrisjune51 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Timothy,
> Thank you for your explanation. Yes, I agree with most of what you are
> saying. In a small Island like Barbados we have to try to cope and find
> ways to cope, since we rely on the tourist market. Will read your response
> again. Just to get the full understanding.  A good topic to bring up at the
> vIGF 2020. Are you speaking in any of the sessions?
> If not yet a speaker you can offer your services to the secretariat in an
> email. Since we are looking for speakers. You can also join the Main
> session working groups all available on the website.
> Regards
> June Parris
> On Sat, 19 Sep 2020, 09:20 Timothy Holborn, <timothy.holborn at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi June,
>> Nice to meet you.
>> My grandfather was a pathologist who was involved in building what is now
>> a very large pathology.
>> In Australia, it's been a very difficult time. It is likely that about a
>> million people have been in solitary (house) confinement for many months
>> this year.  I suspect the opportunity for things to start to improve may
>> occur after the US election.
>> The implication or problem I was trying to address is the problem of lies
>> being told, propaganda often dynamically via platforms like Facebook that
>> lead people to carrying false beliefs which may in turn be enforced by
>> police and/or Army.
>> There's a previous post / thread that is coupled the concept highlighted
>> in this email thread.
>> In that thread, I asked,
>> Is 'sense-making' about reality, the ability to comprehend the distinction about
>> reality vs. 'fantasy' a human right?
>> it appears AI & WWW is forming new challenges that may be 'boiled down' into
>> these sorts of terms...
>> ie: mass toilet-paper sales earlier in the year. (or much worse).
>> I also noted,
>> Fwiw; I suspect that the "online data storage" policies brought about by
>> web 2(circa 2001?) Are less meaningful for the vast majority of humanity
>> (non western countries / liberalised democracies, etc.)
>> I also suspect technology is now technically able to be made available to
>> uplift vast amounts of humanity from severe poverty (subject to
>> accessibility, intellectual property terms, etc) than has ever been
>> relavent before hand in Human history.
>> Devices via "belt & road" countries are cheaper than "iPhones" (for
>> example).
>> Dignity is mentioned in the preamble to the UDHR, alongside article 27,
>> etc.
>> Thereafter as a means to illustrate the problem, people in western
>> regions have been convinced to act & do various things in various ways;
>> sometimes with very significant implications.  Churches are forbidden,
>> whilst government directions replace it on Sundays.
>>  it is lawful to have more people attend a funeral if it were held In a
>> supermarket.
>> If the statements about the importance of the underlying rules
>> terrorising peoples lives were reasonable; then regions without clean
>> water, electricity, social security and many other things required to
>> "contain" & treat the disease; would, following the logic, mean that the
>> population would be wiped out.
>> So, the underlying question becomes
>> Is 'sense-making' about reality, the ability to comprehend the distinction about
>> reality vs. 'fantasy' a human right?
>> it appears AI & WWW is forming new challenges that may be 'boiled down' into
>> these sorts of terms...
>> Timothy Holborn
>> On Sat., 19 Sep. 2020, 8:25 pm June Parris, <parrisjune51 at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Am trying to follow this conversation about the third world, please use
>>> Global South, I am a Barbadian, and I don’t quite follow these theories. Am
>>> also a trained Specialist Nurse in Medicine and Mental Health, as well as
>>> Health Services and Policy ( Economics) .
>>> Who do you consider as ‘Third World’ ? As I think that some of these
>>> countries are coping rather well with Covid-19.
>>> As I said I am trying my best to follow the conversation.
>>> Regards
>>> June Parris
>>> IRPC Secretary
>>> MAG member UN
>>> ISOC
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>>> Hi Timothy,
>>> In the so-called third world, the population is significantly younger.
>>> Therefore, the COVID-19 recovery rates are high (thankfully). However,
>>> economic recovery is nowhere in sight as of now. That's what I'd be worried
>>> about.
>>> If anyone is interested, I can send across relevant articles on the list.
>>> Regards
>>> On Fri, 18 Sep, 2020, 8:30 pm Timothy Holborn, <
>>> timothy.holborn at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> We're being told, in effect, the 3rd world is going to be wiped out by
>>> covid-19.
>>> Is this the case or not?
>>> Any links I can refer to?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Timo.
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