[IRPCoalition] COVID19 and Human Rights. What are the impacts, opportunities and challenges posed by the pandemic on those working to uphold human rights online?

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Fri Jun 26 12:52:13 EEST 2020

Good morning all, and I hope you are keeping well.

During the last Dynamic Coalitions (DCs) meeting it was agreed that the DCs main session at this year's virtual IGF will address the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on the work of the DCs.
All Dynamic Coalitions are requested to submit a substantive one page paper about how the pandemic affected their work, and the lesson learned through the pandemic by Tuesday 30th June.

Please feel free to share your experiences on how COVID 19 has impacted human rights in your community and the challenges posed by the pandemic on those working to uphold human rights online.
More info about the suggested structure of the session can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18C5DYJTjz6_OcpS0_EKVuKQiwp6UFG13hlqExBQ1MTI/edit
Dynamic Coaltion Main Session Proposal<https://docs.google.com/document/d/18C5DYJTjz6_OcpS0_EKVuKQiwp6UFG13hlqExBQ1MTI/edit>
This is a strawman proposal for collaborative work on the IGF DC main session for 2020 This document is shared as a blank page, for collaboration on suggestions on theme, sub-topics if any, session format (roundtable, panel, or new), and the role of DC Chairs and invited panelists, including sug...

The Dynamic Coalitions have also been collaborating in the review of DCs guidelines so that some requirements, such as reporting will easier to follow.

Finally, a thank you note to all of you who participated in the virtual EuroDIG making it such a great success. Plenary 4, co-organised with the IRPC and moderated by SC member Michael Oghia, was a very good session too, and we hope that the discussions started here will continue in November. For those who could not attend, I invite you to check it out: we have included the YouTube link in the IRPC website <https://internetrightsandprinciples.org>

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend,

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