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FYI everyone


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Dear All,

The IGF 2020 2nd Open Consultation and MAG meeting<
will be hosted online from 15 to 19 June. We hope that many of you will
join us!

The first two days (15 and 16 June) are the open consultation days, while
the MAG meeting will be hosted from 17 to 19 June.

The traditional agenda format has been reshaped to enable the broadest
participation possible. The virtual meeting will:

  *   Take place over five days in different hours each day to make the
meetings more accessible to participants in a wide variety of time zones.
  *   Where possible, presenters have pre-recorded their presentations and
statements, to cater for any connectivity problems that may arise. Speakers
will be present online to respond to any questions that arise following the
  *   Meeting plenaries will be captioned in English.
  *   The Open Consultations will have English/French interpretation.

Draft Agenda:
Register for the meeting:
Webpage with all information:

We look forward to speaking to many of you during the next week's meeting.

Best regards,
IGF Secretariat
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