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Dear All,

Thank you Minda for this update.


June Parris

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> Dear all,
> I hope this email finds you well and I am looking forward to meeting some
> of you later at the EuroDIG.
> As per Marianne's email earlier, the IRPC will be participating in  *WS 2*:
> GDPR Implementation – Blind spots, opportunities, and the way forward
> <https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/GDPR_Implementation_%E2%80%93_Blind_spots,_opportunities,_and_the_way_forward_%E2%80%93_WS_02_2019> on
> day 1, tomorrow 19 June at 14.00 and we are also hosting *Flash 13:* Fighting
> climate change with emerging technologies – for good or ill?
> <https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Fighting_climate_change_with_emerging_technologies_%E2%80%93_for_good_or_ill%3F_%E2%80%93_Flash_13_2019> on
> day 2, Thursday 20 June, 16.00. Please join us if you are in The Hague, or
> participating remotely.
> Our Steering Committee is now in full swing: we had our first meeting last
> March (notes can be find attached) and since then we have been working on
> restructuring the team to improve our outreach effort, by assigning roles
> to each of the members of the committee as below:
>    - Co-Chair: Minda Moreira
>    - Secretary: June Parris
>    - Communications Coordinator: Robert Bodle
>    - Outreach and Partnerships Coordinator: Hanane Boujemi and Mohamed
>    Farahad
>    - Council of Europe CDMSI Observership Coordinator: Minda Moreira,
>    Marianne Franklin and Hanane Boujemi
> Regional Experts
>    - Africa: Rigobert Kenmogne
>    - Asia-Pacific: Marianne Franklin and Sahajman Shrestha
>    - Latin America And Caribbean: June Parris
>    - Middle East and North Africa: Hanane Boujemi and Mohamed Farahad
>    - Europe - Minda Moreira and Marianne Franklin
>    - North America  - Robert Bodle
> Ongoing Projects
>    - Charter Booklet Project Coordinator: Marianne Franklin
>    - The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet
>    Educational Resource Guide (v2) Coordinator: Robert Bodle
> In the last few weeks members of the IRPC SC have been involved in
> discussions at the MAG meeting, the Council of Europe CDMSI Meeting (notes
> attached) and RightsCon.
> Over the next months we will be working on the ongoing IRPC outreach
> projects: the next translations of the Charter, the educational resources
> guide, as well as participating in other IG related activities, and
> preparing our participation at this year’s IGF in Berlin.
> If you would like to contribute more actively, please feel free to reach
> out through this list, or for more specific activities and information, you
> are also welcome to contact the IRPC SC via our email address above.
> Best wishes and see you soon,
> Minda
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