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Fri Dec 22 15:36:15 EET 2017

Dear members, observers and participants of the CDMSI,

At the last meeting earlier this month, I announced that the Secretariat
of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) was currently
finalising two comparative background papers which could be of relevance
for CDMSI members. I am now pleased to share these documents with you:

1.  "News in Digital Age: the role of regulators - Implementing
Accuracy, Objectivity and Impartiality in practice

The document was produced on the basis of a questionnaire circulated
among EPRA members. The survey enquired about existing regulatory
provisions related to accuracy, objectivity and impartiality, as well as
recent changes and application of these rules. We looked at how the
rules on balance and accuracy have been applied in different countries,
how successful such regulation has been and what challenges regulators
identified in the existing frameworks. We then asked respondents to
consider how their powers and responsibilities had been challenged by
the developments we have identified in the digital era. Finally, members
were asked to reflect on how their approaches to these responsibilities
could be adapted in the future. The survey also enquired about the
responsibilities that EPRA members have in overseeing the media markets
and landscapes as a whole – recognising that consumption of and trust in
news are also affected by the plurality of offers available, by the
strength of the public service broadcasting system, and other potential
regulatory interventions.

2.  "Media Literacy: Focus on the role of regulators

This document was also produced on the basis of a questionnaire
circulated among EPRA members.
The purpose of this 2017 background paper was to explore how media
literacy is interpreted in EPRA Member Countries and explore the
different roles and approaches that regulators have adopted in relation
to media literacy and raising some points for regulators to consider.  

On behalf of the EPRA Executive Board, I would like to extend our very
best Season’s Greetings!


Emmanuelle Machet
Secretary to EPRA
**47th EPRA Meeting,**Luxembourg, 23-25 May 2018**

EPRA Secretariat
76 Allée de la Robertsau
F- 67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0) 3 88 41 39 63 <tel:%2B33%20%280%29%203%2088%2041%2039%2063>
machet at epra.org <mailto:machet at epra.org> www.epra.org <http://www.epra.org>


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