[IRPCoalition] Research report on impacts of IGF on IG capacity building

Dmitry Epstein dmitry.epstein at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 00:26:04 EET 2017

Dear colleagues:

As many of you are currently at the IGF or following the IGF remotely, we
thought you may find the following interesting.

We are researchers at UC Berkeley and University of Illinois at Chicago. We
are conducting a research study about perceptions of multistakeholderism
and the use of online tools for participation in internet governance
processes. Our goal is to inform multistakeholder processes and help
develop new online tools for inclusive participation in internet

Many of you participated in our research study by completing a set of
surveys in late 2016. And we are incredibly grateful!

We are sharing a short summary of our preliminary results with you,
highlighting potential impacts of participation in the IGF on internet
governance capacity building: https://goo.gl/Ng3RZm

We welcome your feedback and questions.

We apologize for cross-posting, but we want to make sure that this messages
reaches all the lists we worked with to recruit participants for our
original study.

If you would like to share our report via social media, here is a suggested

Check out @BNonnecke & @Think_Macro research on impacts of the @intgovforum
on internet governance capacity building: https://goo.gl/Ng3RZm #IGF2017

Best regards,
Brandie and Dmitry
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