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Dear all

Thank you Hanane, Fouad and others for the support and warm welcome
(back) to this role.

A warm welcome as well to Sahaj our incoming SC member and also my
thanks to Catherine for her two years as co-Chair of the IRPC. Also, I
would like to think Rafik Dammak for his service as he steps down from
the SC.

Our website is indeed up again so I would also like to acknowledge the
hours of work that Minda Moreira has put into getting this back online.

Looking forward to a busy, and productive year for the coalition with
the EuroDIG coming up in Tallinn, the upcoming Council of Europe CDMSI
meetings and invitations to contribute to the work being done there via
this list, and also to the upcoming IGF in Geneva.

A great idea from Hanane for all incoming and ongoing SC members to
introduce themselves to the list. I see that the link with my blurb is
no longer active so am pasting it in below.


IRPC Elections 2016/17

Statement from Marianne Franklin

Co-Chair Elect of the IRP Coalition 2016/17-2018/19


Thank you for nominating me as candidate for the incoming co-Chair of
the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition 2016/17 – 2018/19.
I have been a member of the IRPC Steering Committee since 2009, and
served as co-Chair in 2012/13 – 2014/15. Since stepping down I have
served two more years on the steering committee. During my term as
co-Chair I developed the IRPC Charter Booklet project, which has
generated nine language editions of the Charter of Human Rights and
Principles for the Internet in an accessible booklet form, digital and
hardcopy. This initiative included raising funds for translations,
design, and printing through crowdsourcing and support from
organizations such as the Hivos IG-MENA project, Web We Want, Global
Partners-Digital. In this period, the IRPC developed its online profile
through its website <http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/>,
social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, initiated and contributed
to cutting-edge workshops at the annual meetings of the Internet
Governance Forum, and developed other outputs as part of inter-sessional
activities. The IRPC is one of the longest-serving Dynamic Coalitions at
the IGF, one with an outward-facing profile through the outreach and
awareness-raising impact that the IRPC Charter has had on human
rights-based internet policy agenda-setting and digital rights activism
around the world.


During my first term as co-Chair the IRPC was granted Observer statues
at the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Steering Committee on Media
and Information Society (CDMSI)
<http://www.coe.int/en/web/freedom-expression/cdmsi>*. *Since 2015 I
have been part of the IRPC representation in the Dynamic Coalition
coordination group at the IGF. The IRPC has been a regular contributor
to the program of the annual IGF meeting, and EuroDIG
<http://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Category:Accessibility_2016> meetings, with
SC members active in other IG venues such as the Asia-Pacific and
Latin-American regional meetings. On accepting this nomination and if
successful I would look forward to consolidating the achievements of the
coalition through the Charter with the ongoing co-Chair and incoming
Steering Committee. I would look forward to facilitating the IRPC in its
leadership role in moving new projects emerging from the Charter
forward; e.g. the Study Guide currently being developed by Kevin Risser
and Robert Bodle and colleagues in the US, and in the Asia-Pacific
region by Shreedeep Rayamajhi.


In this next term, I would also look forward to consolidating other
achievements so far: e.g. reviewing the IRPC Charter outreach and
considering what the next steps could be. It would also include
continuing our contribution to the CoE CDMSI consultations, and
generating an organizational base to support those who would like to
generate more language editions of the IRPC Charter Booklet. I would
also confer with the ongoing co-Chair, SC, and wider membership about
how we can contribute to the next phase of DC work at the IGF through
the DC Coordination group.


I am currently Chair of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network
(GigaNet), a network of academics and activist-scholars that holds its
annual symposium at the IGF meeting. My “day job” is as Professor of
Global Media and Politics at Goldsmiths University of London where I run
the Global Media and Transnational Communications MA program. In
returning to this role I would be honoured to work with the Steering
Committee and the wider community at the IGF and other venues where
human rights agendas for the future internet are being developed. A lot
has been achieved. There is still a lot to do within the IRPC and in
collaboration with others in this domain.

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