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Dear all, 

I am very pleased to welcome ( back) Marianne and Sahaj to their new roles and I am looking forward our collaboration to what looks like a very busy year! It will be really great if you can both share with the group a very short intro for people on the list who are not familiar with your work, current affiliation, etc. Meanwhile we arrange for a meeting to discuss our plans for 2017. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank Catherine, the outgoing co-chair for her hard work and commitment to the the work of IRPC :) you will be missed and I would like to thank Robert our election officer for leading the process and for being so patient through it all and Minda for her dedication and the support she provides sorting all issue related to the website and her contribution to the coalitions work at IGF, Eurodig and all the key meetings where we are active. 

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Congrats to Chair Marianne Franklin and SC Member Sahaj Man Shrestha! 

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Here are the results of our election for co-Chair and SC member. 

Co-Chair: Marianne Franklin is now our incoming co-Chair. 
The outcome was as follows: 
Yes - 97.06% 
No – 2.94% 
No Comment - 0% 

SC Member: Sahaj Man Shrestha is now our new SC member. 
The outcome was as follows: 
Yes - 83.32% 
No – 8.33% 
No Comment - 8.33% 

Congratulations to both! 

And thank everyone who took part in this election and showed your support for what the IRPC has achieved over the last 5 years, who gave feedback and ideas for the coming year, and who exercised your vote and made your views heard. 

All the best, 

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