[IRPCoalition] Safer Internet Day: How Engineers Are Making the Internet a Safer Place with IP Addresses [Visual Resource]

George Bradley george at circaedu.com
Wed Jan 27 21:03:15 EET 2016

Hi Internet Rights and Principles,  
As you may know, February 9th is Safer Internet Day ( https://t.buzzstream.com/1/l/7756765960f24a5e907ef06fd2cd156e?rl=http%3A%2F%2Fsaferinternetday.us%2F ) and gives us the opportunity to to promote the efforts of internet users of all ages, interests and backgrounds to make the internet a better place and the world a better place with the help of the internet. Unfortunately, the global demand for IP addresses will soon outweigh the number of addresses that are available. The New Jersey Institute of Technology has created an infographic ( https://t.buzzstream.com/1/l/166e350a82864121b7d322c27bb43990?rl=http%3A%2F%2Fgraduatedegrees.online.njit.edu%2Fmsee-resources%2Fmsee-infographics%2Fwe-need-engineers-ensuring-the-web-doesnt-run-out-of-addresses%2F ) that shows what electrical engineers are doing to replace the current IPv4 system and ensuring that we a system that will offer an almost infinite number of IP addresses and allow for the internet to grow with the demand. This informative infographic will inform your readers on the differences between the outdated IPv4 system and the new IPv6 system and also explain why the adoption of this upgrade will provide incredible benefits within business. The graphic also explains to the reader why a slow adoption of IPv6 could lead to diminished internet security. IPv4 was developed in the 1970’s, decades before widespread use of the internet when security a non issue, this coupled with the fact that 44% of U.S. companies experienced some cybercrime in 2014 shows how important the adoption of IPv6 is if the internet is to become more secure. 
Please feel free to share this graphic with your readers. Here is the full link to the resource: http://graduatedegrees.online.njit.edu/msee-resources/msee-infographics/we-need-engineers-ensuring-the-web-doesnt-run-out-of-addresses/ 
The embed code can be found at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your time. Any feedback is appreciated. 
Best wishes, 
George Bradley 
Communications Specialist 
Circa Interactive 
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