[IRPCoalition] [bestbits] NOTE - DO NOT OPEN link from Gene's email

Veni Markovski veni at veni.com
Mon Feb 1 18:31:18 EET 2016

Thanks, Carolina.
I'd like to add one correction to your steps.

Step 3 should not be optional, but mandatory! All people, using someone 
else email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) should by default use 
2-factor authentication. It could be through SMS (text message) to your 
phone, or through using the Google Authenticator, etc.

As for the filters - check if someone has not authorized a third party 
to be able to send addresses as if from you (I have helped a diplomat at 
the UN deal with exactly that kind of problem), and also they may 
forward all your incoming mail, and then delete it, so that you won't be 
able to see that something is wrong.

On 02/01/16 11:24, Carolina Rossini wrote:
> Gene's email got compromised this morning. We have fixed it already.
> But please, DO NOT open the link to the google doc.
> If you have opened it already, take the following steps ASAP:
> * Change your google password
> * Make sure you have a phone number listed on your Google account
> * Optionally, (but heavily recommended!) enable Two-factor
> authentication, which will text you to confirm any suspicious logins.
> * In addition, please check your filter settings. Sometimes fishers
> change your settings to hide the emails they sent from your account.
> Best and sorry for any inconvenience.
> Carolina
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