[IRPCoalition] NOTE - DO NOT OPEN link from Gene's email

Carolina Rossini carolina.rossini at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 18:24:27 EET 2016

Gene's email got compromised this morning. We have fixed it already.
But please, DO NOT open the link to the google doc.

If you have opened it already, take the following steps ASAP:

* Change your google password
* Make sure you have a phone number listed on your Google account
* Optionally, (but heavily recommended!) enable Two-factor
authentication, which will text you to confirm any suspicious logins.
* In addition, please check your filter settings. Sometimes fishers
change your settings to hide the emails they sent from your account.

Best and sorry for any inconvenience.


Carolina Rossini
Vice President, International Policy
Public Knowledge
+ 1 6176979389 | skype: carolrossini | @carolinarossini

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