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Dear all

More updates on the human rights-internet nexus in which IRPC members 
have been active beyond the IGF meetings, in ICANN.


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Hello everyone,

A few ICANN meetings ago, a Working Party on ICANN and Human Rights has 
been formed. This is a lose group of coordination with the participation 
of several ICANN constituencies to discuss the impact that some of 
ICANN's policies and procedures have on human rights, such as freedom of 
expression, privacy, freedom of association and due process, among others.

There are several policy development processes to be started soon on new 
gTLDs, WHOIS, etc that will have significant implications on Human 
Rights. This group is both trying to intervene substantially in these 
policies so they comply with human rights standards and also to 
introduce the adequate procedures to ensure that Human Rights 
assessments take place in due time.

We are currently in Dublin for the 54th ICANN meeting. A summary of 
sessions that will touch upon human rights or that are related to the 
topic can be found here: bit.ly/1LSIbvQ <http://t.co/yJvbSnrcqT>

All session count on remote participation: 

Several documents of interest have been produced so far by the Council 
of Europe, Article 19, and much work has been developed with the input 
from various members of this list.

(recently published)

This message is a quick update on what is taking place in this front and 
also a call for those who wish to be involved. There are loads of work 
coming down the pipe and it would be very important to have more civil 
society and people with a human rights and public interest mindset to help.

Best wishes,

*MarĂ­lia Maciel*
Pesquisadora Gestora - Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade - FGV Direito Rio
Researcher and Coordinator - Center for Technology & Society - FGV Law 

DiploFoundation associate - www.diplomacy.edu <http://www.diplomacy.edu>
PoliTICs Magazine Advisory Committee - http://www.politics.org.br/
Subscribe "Digital Rights: Latin America & the Caribbean" - 

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