[IRPCoalition] Open letter to Zuckerberg re: Internet.org that match well with Key sessions at MLi Group Buenos Aires / Latin America summit June 18-19 2015.

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Tue May 12 20:45:12 EEST 2015

Dear Marianne,


I wish to be supportive.  I think many points the letter raises fit well as points to debate during  a couple of our many High levels panels and debate sessions at our MLi Group Buenos Aires / Latin America summit June 18-19.

The Sessions I was thinking of are titled: 1-New roles and responsibilities of front line service providers, and 2- how to secure Trust online and offline in the New "MiLE™ - The New Multilingual internet & Landscape Ecosystem Born in 2014-15.  Summit detailed are at our local summit website http://www.summits.ba2015.mligrp.com <http://www.summits.ba2015.mligrp.com/> , 


I am happy to consider a representative from the IRP or other supporting organizations to join the panels in one of these session to flag these issues and add them to the debates. Those already planning to attend the ICANN BA conf few days after our dates might find joining us easier.


If anyone is interested to lean more, or wish to attend, join and participate on these or other panels,  please email me directly at Chairman at MLiGrp.com .


More info for those interested to learn more others can delete now ;)   


In essence, and in the spirit of our previously planned summits, we are educating local, regional and international communities and stakeholder across all sectors of society, by going to them, on how to be Prepared and How to Get Informed & Ready for the grave new global threats and opportunities in The New "MiLE™ - The New Multilingual internet & Landscape Ecosystem Born in 2014-15. 


Our Goal is To help them learn about The Gravest New Global Cyber & Political Threats That Will Impact them all. And to help them Maximize The Greatest Ever Opportunities in Today’s Multi Billion Internet Users, especially the Two Billion in Emerging Markets who are thirsty for empowerment tools to bring them into the global digital economy that they are still left out of. 


Great many paradigms have changed so dramatically in the last year or so on these critical topics below and many others. Local, regional and international stakeholders from across many sectors of society like Business, Academia, Civil Society, Regulatory, students and entrepreneurs, etc, join to weigh in on the critical topics we are tackling  in The New MiLE. 


Topics like Cyber security, child protection online, and capacity building thru local empowerment, new roles and responsibilities of front line service providers, Trust in the New MiLE, and Democratic Governance of the Internet, to name a few, are featured in special High Level Panels, Debate Sessions and workshops. This we believe is critical to the summit outcomes and declarations and identifying the issues that need tacking in greater depth moving forward to making the New MiLE a global tool for good instead of the serious bad that it is likely to bring first.




Khaled A. T. Fattal | Group Chairman
The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group)
Serving & Linking The Current & Next Billion+ Multilingual Internet Users

Web: http://MLiGrp.com <http://mligrp.com/>    


Office of the Chairman

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From: Marianne Franklin [mailto:m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk] 
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Subject: Re: [IRPCoalition] Open letter to Zuckerberg re: Internet.org


Dear Khaled

Your point is a fair one, that applies to all the networks of organizations and individuals who have been mobilizing, and producing concrete outcomes around these issues. For the IRP Coalition in light of the IRPC Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet, and within its role as one of the Dynamic Coalitions that are part of the IGF process, making sure that a letter such as this is communicated as widely as possible is but a start.

Do they care? Good question! The jury is out at present as to whether Facebook's management will pay attention; my guess (as I have no figures) is that a sizable number of Fb users who are active on this platform need to know about this, but many already know so it is also a question of mobilizing within FB. This has been done before to good effect.

Am copying in Josh Levy at Access who can perhaps tell us more about how this particular campaign joins up with others, in civil society and in governments, who object to this initiative from the point of view of human rights and fundamental freedoms online.

Best wishes

On 12/05/2015 13:04, khaled Fattal Hotmail wrote:

Dear Marianne and all,


I read with interest what the letter says and I do share many of your concerns. The questions I ponder is how are you disseminating this position around the global internet to create the pressure needed to encourage / force Facebook to change or modify its plans? is Facebook paying attention? Do they care?




Khaled Fattal 


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Subject: [IRPCoalition] Open letter to Zuckerberg re: Internet.org


Dear IRP'ers

See below, and attached an open letter by Access that is addressed to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook about their internet.org project and its implications for net neutrality, FoE, and other rights and freedoms contained in the IRPC Charter, and subsequent declarations. 

As internet rights and principles continue to be chipped away at from all directions, this letter is timely.




On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 4:29 PM, Josh Levy <josh at accessnow.org> wrote:

Hi all - we've had some great input from a number of people over the last few days, and we've incorporated it all into (yet another) draft of our open letter to Mark Zuckerberg on zero rating, attached. 

As you'll see, the substance is mostly unchanged. Here's what we did: 

*	Moved some text around to make it flow better
*	Added some language about "equality of opportunity" the problems of a two-tiered Internet 
*	Fixed a few typos and problems of clarity 

We'd like folks to consider this current text as final minus any glaring problems. To allow for more groups to sign (including many in India, who are just now seeing the final text) we're now closing this up tomorrow (Tuesday) at COB EST. 

Please review the letter and let me know if you can sign. If your organization has already signed and is uncomfortable with any changes, please let me know. 

Once this is live, I encourage you to publicize it through social media and by blog, and to articulate your reason for getting behind the language - which will also give you an opportunity to voice criticisms not included in the letter. 

Current list of signers below:  



Popular Resistance


RootsAction.org <https://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2FRootsAction.org> 


Future of Music Coalition




The Media Consortium


Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)


Bits of Freedom


Initiative für Netzfreiheit


IT-Pol Denmark


European Digital Rights (EDRi)


ColorofChange.org <https://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2FColorofChange.org> 




The Heliopolis Institute


Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum


Digital Rights Foundation 


Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet

South Korea

Movimento Mega


Instituto Bem Estar Brasil




Instituto Beta para Internet e Democracia - IBIDEM


The Agency League of Musicians


Digitale Gesellschaft


Integrating Livelihoods through Communication Information Technology for Africa


Protege Qv 


Fundacion Karisma



Josh Levy
Advocacy Director 
Access | accessnow.org

tel: + 1 917 609 6523 <tel:%2B%201%20917%20609%206523>  | @levjoy 

PGP: 0x84C9F275

Fingerprint: B56A D510 3142 2364 69C7 3961 A0A3 67A5 84C9 F275

Join the Access team - we're hiring <https://www.accessnow.org/about/jobs> ! 


Josh Levy
Advocacy Director 
Access | accessnow.org

tel: + 1 917 609 6523 | @levjoy 

PGP: 0x84C9F275

Fingerprint: B56A D510 3142 2364 69C7 3961 A0A3 67A5 84C9 F275

Join the Access team - we're hiring <https://www.accessnow.org/about/jobs> ! 



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